3 Powerful Online Marketing Tools For Marketers


Online Marketing

The real purpose of online marketing is to convey a message to potential customers. It notifies, convinces and reminds the target market about your products services or organization. But what is the best strategy to send the message across? Read on and learn about the most effective tools in online marketing.

But first, let’s define multi-channel marketing…

You’ve probably heard about multi-channel marketing strategy which is becoming a hot topic in the business sector. It is a method using social media, and other online platforms to deliver promotional marketing messages to potential consumers. Here are commonly used tools in web marketing:

  1. Email marketing

What kind of email marketing tactics do you use? Do you also include transactional emails-also called, “automated emails” you send to users who took a certain action on your website? This is a good follow-up technique that would ask your potential customers to purchase a product or avail of your services, fill out a form, participate in a survey or to track their orders.

What is the importance of follow-up email? You may have obtained strong leads and prospects. But, if you don’t follow up, your business may fail. Communicating with your prospect before they are ready to buy from you is crucial. So, if you want to convert them into paying customers, don’t give up after the first or second emails.

You can start teaching them-provide free tips, study guides, and the likes, and you’ll be able to gain their trust in the long run. You can prepare an email sequence for new customers, long-term customers, and prospects. Give it a try and you will see a remarkable improvement in your conversion metrics.

For example, if you are running an online shop and give a certain percent of the purchase price to charity-you can tell your customers about it through automated emails. Show how their money makes an impact on other people’s lives. Let’s say, for every order, you gave $25 cents to hurricane victims in another country. Provide a project timeline to show them how much you’ve accumulated and what you did with the money.  Accompanying data and photos would also help.

You can also send simple emails alerting your subscribers about the newest deals and promotions. Write brief and clear initial description with a very strong call-to-action. Follow it up with a detailed explanation or instructions on how they can avail of the deal. And don’t forget to optimize your visual content. Just because it is an e-mail doesn’t necessarily mean that your content has to be so formal. You can integrate bright and lively colors, photos and graphics that keep them interested in your email.

  1. Search engine marketing

One of the best ways to increase your website’s visibility online is through SEM or ranking high on the search engine results pages

There are organic and non-organic (sponsored) results which appear on the top ranks whenever a user submits a query using keywords or phrases. It refers to all strategies your marketing and advertising team is going to make sure that your pages will appear whenever topical keywords related to your industry or niche appear on the search bar.

  1. Social media marketing

Commercial promotion of your brand, products, and services through social media websites is becoming a norm nowadays. You can do this by providing special offers, posting company events, updates and special offers through your company’s social media profiles.

Self-employed individuals also use their personal account for marketing promotion on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the likes.It gives more exposure to your brand and allows you to communicate directly with potential customers. By focusing on the big social media networks which are commonly used, easy to set up and definitely used worldwide by millions of people, today is always the best time to start trying out your different social media options.

Upon setting up your social media accounts, all you need to do is to get active by posting updates and links to your blog that will get responses/messages from your customers. Keep tabs of your accounts, immediately respond to queries and messages from clients and monitor conversations about your organization, products or services. You can also try using social media tools to consolidate your dashboard, schedule your posts and monitor your metrics.

Final thoughts…

It takes time to grow a business. If you want to increase your sales, don’t just put everything on the table. Build your leads through a workable and comprehensive online marketing strategy with your highly specialized marketers to run your daily operations. Yes-you’ve read it right. It takes consistency to build a good amount of followers and a large customer base. If you can’t afford such a staff, contact Chilli Dee Digital Marketing Group today! We will help you build your marketing efforts while you sit back and relax.

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