Leverage the power of social media

the power of social media

Social media news website socialmedianews.com reveals that there are around 16 million Australian active users on Facebook, and over 14 million daily YouTube Views, more than 3 million LinkedIn users and almost 3 million Twitter users in the country. With these statistics – we can no longer deny the fact that we need to leverage the power of social media for our businesses to succeed.

Other social media network with millions of Australian users includes WordPress.com, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, WhatsApp, TripAdvisor, Tinder, Blogspot, and Yelp. With these figures plus the fact that 65.8% of Australians are active Facebook users, it is only proper for marketing specialists to leverage social media for their businesses.

Just how powerful is social media? So powerful, it made young billionaires without using too much capital like their traditional billionaire counterparts.

Do you want proof? Let’s see… How much do you need to put up a transport business? Not to mention that paperwork, labor regulations, retirement benefits and so on? And yet, Uber – a company that does not own a single taxi – is known to millions of people as the world’s largest taxi company. While it claims to be a simple digital service, it surpassed all other transport companies in the world. There are also other digital businesses like Uber that made millions simply by extending digital service for people to have a more convenient dining, travel, and accommodation experiences.

In fact, social media gave everyone an equal opportunity to be a self-made billionaire. But, here’s the fact – social media marketing is unlike any other business management strategy. It is a science. And if you want to get results, you need to experiment to get things done.

How can I leverage the power of social media?

Good question. While there are no clear-cut rules on how to do it, because oftentimes, you would wonder how a few words would get viral overnight and make millionaires out of it – there are things you can do to optimise its potential.

1. Increase brand awareness by introducing your brand to your market. 

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other channels are great mediums to increase the visibility of your company. Create posts, share blogs and other content that will help customers recognise your brand. Help people to become better acquainted with your brand by distributing it on various social media networks. How can they be interested in your service or products if they are not aware that it exists?

2. Encourage brand loyalty.

Nowadays, people either rant or praise a brand on social media and if you get them to talk about your brand in a good way you can expect more customers and higher customer loyalty. So, don’t allow them to talk about you while you stand there defensively. Interact with customers, tweet back, and chat back and comment too. Social media connects you with the audience and help you clear up misunderstandings, apologise or express gratitude. Connect like any other sane individual who wants to build strong connection would do.

3. Improve your customer service, engage your audience the best way you can.

Finally, we encourage you to leverage the power of social media by engaging customers. Share useful content, connect with influencers and please as many loyal customers as you can by being responsive to their questions and complaints.

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