5 Secrets to Hiring the Right Social Media Marketing Company

5 Secrets to Hiring the Right Social Media Marketing Company

There are numerous social media marketing companies today that promise top rank results on search engines and thousands of followers in a matter of days. But, how do you distinguish a reliable marketing partner from a hoax? Here are factors to consider when selecting a marketing service:

Knowledge and Experience

It may sound cliché but not everyone who has a strong knowledge of social media marketing is competent enough to run an effective social media campaign. You may do your best to attempt a good engagement for your social media accounts but you might still wind up getting zero engagement. For starters, it is important to understand that a social media marketing campaign must be fully optimised – it must have the right tags, content and visuals. Not just that, it must contain links that will direct your visitors to your website. So, your website must be fully optimised as well. Marketing on social media platforms is a continuous process. It requires you to reconsider your previous posts and measure its engagement and conversion rates so that you can create better ones the next day.  Look at their clients and their reviews—check how trustworthy and reliable it is.


Extensive Website Analysis

Before you promote you products and services online make sure that you will direct your audience to a stable, creative and fully optimised website. A good digital marketing company specialising in social media would give you an extensive website analysis to ensure that your ranking, design and structure are ready for social media campaigns. The website audit will also give them an opportunity to offer you a marketing proposal of how much work needs to be done to bring you to reach a certain level of social media engagement.  They can also diagnose issues on your design, content, performance and other factors that would prevent your site from being on top of the search results.


Reasonable Cost Structure

Before you hire a social media marketing company make sure that the company gives you a quote of the total marketing package plus how much work is included in the service. Not all companies that charge high costs could give you high quality service. Make sure that the rate is proportional and consistent with the services that you will get.


Realistic Timeline

A reliable marketing company will provide you with a realistic timeline. Quality work can be achieved with correct planning and hard work. So, be careful when transacting with a company that promises results that are too good to be true. A good social media campaign will take around 6 months to 1 year or more to deliver your desired outcome. If you want to get quality followers, you have to be prepared for a long and ongoing marketing process that entails regular content posting, timely updates, regular maintenance and topnotch customer support.


Unique Social Media Marketing Techniques

What marketing strategy will your company use to boost engagement and increase your ranking? Don’t hire companies that use spam posts, auto likes and other unethical methods to get noticed online. Spamming social networking groups and methods that deceive search engines are dishonest practices that won’t get you anywhere.

A good Social Media Marketing company offers:
  • Unique marketing strategies that are significantly different from conventional marketing techniques
  • The social media activities present the services or products to the customers, but to gain their feedback, listen to their grievances and entertain their suggestions. The text and visual content, tags, and links are used to generate exposure to businesses, build new clientele base and business partnership, and boost search engine rankings.
  • It identifies influencers, relevant groups and communities that can become brand evangelists and would help grow the brand organically. These strategies will not only increase traffic/subscribers, but at the same time, generate qualified leads. While you will be getting an increase in the sales of products and services, its cost-effective nature shall also reduce the overall marketing expenses.
  • It uses strategies to boost consumer satisfaction. Marketing on social network is not about making sales, but making interactions with customers. You don’t just want to build a stable customer base, but you want to learn from your customers as well. Identify who they are, listen to their feedback and use them to improve your brand.


The Bottom Line

Social media marketing is not a fad, but a stable strategy that can reach out to a large number of potential customers in their homes, board rooms, and businesses and to various sectors that may require your services or products. While social networks cater to human emotions such as excitement, pain, compassion and all other types, a huge number of people are already using social media not only to express their thoughts and feelings but to boost their branding efforts.

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