A Guide to Creating an SEO Campaign Strategy

A Guide to Creating an SEO Campaign Strategy

The key to finding the right ‘SEO’ strategy is to know the right questions to ask. Make sure that you know what you are selling and what you really want from an optimisation campaign. If the answers to your questions are not clear to you then you may easily be swayed by hard tactics used by SEO companies that are less knowledgeable than what they say they are. Here are important questions to ask when creating your SEO campaign strategy:

What are the right keywords to use?

You do not simply optimise whatever keyword you think will work. It is important to always begin with keyword assessment. Make sure that the SEO Company performs a deep keyword analysis that considers the following factors:

  • The number of searches for a particular keyword in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • The relative competition for specific keywords or phrases
  • Relevance of the keywords to your website
  • Keywords used by your competitors

Why are keywords important? If you write irrelevant keywords, you may attract irrelevant traffic. Focus on the keywords that are directly related to your products, services location or your business in general so that you don’t get too many useless traffic because of irrelevant keywords. It will only increase the bounce rate, since the moment these surfers arrive on your page; they will leave in a jiffy. Instead, focus on the right keywords that would boost your sales. Make sure that you hire a digital marketing company that creates relevant content with the right keywords for your site and distributes them across the right channels to enhance your site’s overall ranking in the search engines.

Are you planning to create landing pages for the sole purpose of housing keywords?

Remember that while you can lead visitors to your doorway pages, it is not a long term SEO strategy that can engage or retain your viewers. If your team or the SEO Company you are hiring simply wants to use pages to house keywords, you are simply wasting your money. Each page needs useful content-one that informs and persuades your audience to do business with you. Keyword rich SEO content is one which is informative, simple and unique strengthens the theme of your website. Otherwise, there are no reasons for them to stay or re-visit your site ever again.

Powerful SEO content on your website is responsible for half of your search engine rank optimisation. So, make sure that each page contains informative specific targeted SEO content that will show your visitors that you have unique and compelling content that draws fast growing traffic. Not only that, your SEO content should be persuasive enough to convert those visitors into customers.

How’s your site’s user experience?

SEO brings in traffic, but it is the user experience that helps you convert them into paying customers. Make surfing convenient for your visitors; otherwise they will not wait long enough for you to make your pitch.

Who is my target audience?

If you are running a local company you may want to focus more on Geo-targeted keywords. But, if you offer to a wide range of audience from various places your keywords must be directly related to the type of audience you would like to reach. A good example is an e-commerce website that optimises heavily on product names.

Great user experience and web usability are wasted if your content does not reach your target audience. SEO specialists know that the web does not work the same way as traditional marketing—you don’t rely on walk-in clients, you search for them and engage them to boost your ROI.

Are you willing to make your website content-friendly?

One of the best ways to optimise a site is to improve its layout and content. You can add a Blog where people don’t just read about your products; they also learn how to use it in a way that would solve their problems.

A good SEO firm conducts a site evaluation and provides you with clear and thorough ranking and design structure analysis of your website. A website audit helps you assess how much work needs to be done to improve your ranking. Always ask for their opinion on how they intend to troubleshoot your site’s performance. Ask about their findings in your design and content that possibly hinders your site from appearing on top of the searches.

There are various SEO strategies to raise your ranking. But whether you do the SEO marketing yourself or you hire a company to do it for you, always avoid dishonest practice, or misleading tactics like spam advertising that can lead your site to being one of the blacklisted ones. It is also important to focus on ‘SEO’ strategies that attract targeted traffic that gets you visitors.

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