Marketing Transformation 101: Does advertising on Pandora and Spotify work?

Marketing Transformation

If you’re into the music streaming business, you may have tried the mobile and web apps-Pandora or Spotify.

They are popular music streaming services that offer free and paid versions and give artists and non-artists the opportunity to showcase their talents and reach out to a larger number of audiences.

What is the difference between Pandora and Spotify?

As to freedom to choose your songs

While they are the same mainstreaming service they have very different functions. If you want a service that allows you to create a custom playlist and listen to them anytime-choose Spotify.

It is a streaming service for people who already know exactly what they want to hear. But, if you like to discover new songs and hear new artists and let the service choose on your behalf- -then Pandora is yours for the taking.

It will play songs according to the radio station you created by choosing your favorite genres, artists and songs. You cannot make your own playlist.


Pandora is only limited to people living in the USA while Spotify can be accessed by anyone living in many countries worldwide.


Many entrepreneurs want to reach out to their target clients with Spotify advertising and publicise their company’s promotions and direct the listeners or viewers to their landing page. It uses targeted advertising based on location, musical choice, age, gender and more.

Meaning out of 30 million subscribers, your ads will be shown to specific audiences only. If you want to use video advertising, you may do so. You can also pick out audio or graphic ads only.

music-streamingPandora also works in the same way. This internet radio allows you to target potential customers with Pandora Internet Radio to your best potential customers.

What’s more, you also get your very own banner with a click through to your webpage, thereby  directing users to your Web site and measuring your traffic metrics at the same time.

To answer the question, “Does advertising on Pandora and Spotify work?” well-it works if you get it right.

Remember, “It’s not the sword but the hand and the heart of the soldier holding it that makes the difference….”  Meaning, regardless of the marketing opportunities Spotify and Pandora offer, if it is not welded to a thoughtful marketing strategy, it is futile.

Effective marketing is about managing the advertising tools to transform the way you do business. It’s not about the tools per se, although they may help reach and convert more customers. It is the way you manage the tools and align them to your pivotal goals.

Here’s how you can integrate Pandora and Spotify advertising into your transformational marketing strategies:

Create a vision board for your marketing plan

Does it have to be expensive? No. Just few pieces of paper and old magazines will do. Is it strategic? Yes.

Talk to your bright and well-minded team members about getting your vision right about the execution and implementation of your marketing plan. Where will it carry your business?

How will others see your brand in 5 to 10 years because of your approach?  Maybe your previous efforts were not successful.  But a vision board can help you prepare your team for change. It could work as a catalyst for breaking traditional boundaries that usually derail the success of you projects.

The visual representation of where your business should be in a few years will guide your marketing team in creating powerful advertising campaigns that could transform your small business into a booming and worldly-renowned brand.

Set a good foundation

A change initiative needs the support of the stakeholders in your company. Explain how letting go of the traditional marketing strategy can help your company grasp something new and work your way up to success.

Spotify and Pandora are only examples of new initiatives for small and big companies who want to optimise the full potential of their marketing campaigns and reach out to a larger audience.

But, if your employees and the stakeholders in your company are not aware of the change, it will be difficult for the marketing team to transform your marketing strategy and reach greater heights.

Acknowledge that a team that works together can get where they want to go. If you want your brand to succeed, each stakeholder and employee of the company must work for that change, even if it means listening to the same songs over and over.

Bottom line

Does advertising on Pandora and Spotify work? Let’s see. It reaches a larger target audience, breaks into the walls created by busy schedules and convinces people to patronise your brand even in their napping hours.

So, yes! It could work. But, if you don’t have a resourceful digital marketing team, you’ll end up paying more than what you intended to spend and the results may not be that satisfying.

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