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Strategic Marketing for Adult Content: Going Back to the Four P’s

    Strategic marketing answers three question:   What are the advantages of my brand over my competitors? Are these advantages competitive and sustainable? How can I allocate resources to exploit these advantages?   The answers to the previous questions provide clear and concise summaries of the applicable techniques that would carry out certain organisational

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Public Relations vs Marketing: The Win-Win Battle for Entrepreneurs

In the marketing parlance, public relations refer to the process of informing the public so that they will view your products or brand favourably. Marketing goes beyond the spreading of information. It seeks to create a satisfying long-term relationship with the customers for the purpose of gaining profit, establishing customer base and fostering customer loyalty.

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Which is better: Online Streaming Advertising or Radio Advertising?

Old fashioned radios with twists and turns that some millennials couldn’t understand are, well, so 20th century. Sure, they evolved from vintage, battery-powered techies to car-instilled, gas-powered speakers; but nothing beats the great 21st century’s Wi-Fi. I mean, c’mon?! Who doesn’t like the easier way out? The global online streaming market is rapidly growing, with

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Best Practices for Advertising/Digital Advertising that Grab Viewers’ Attention

Learn how to grab the viewers’ attention using the best practices for advertising/digital advertising that can help you stand out from millions of content on the web. It’s not easy to break through the massive volumes of content on the internet, especially because of the multimedia proliferation. And of course, there are many spam sites

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The Marketing Basics Every Newbie Entrepreneur Ought To Know

Marketing strategy makes the difference between a successful and a failing business. Its main purpose is to increase sales and secure a competitive advantage over other brands with similar offerings by creating strong brand awareness through short-term and long-term activities. Here are the basic components of marketing: Target market: These are the people who would

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Is Traditional Marketing Dead? The Truth behind this Marketing Phenomenon

In this digital world where customers are spending more time on mobile and internet use than reading newspaper, watching television and listening to radios– is it possible that traditional marketing is already dead? Viral marketing has taken the business world by storm-unfortunately leaving the traditional marketers behind. But, it doesn’t mean that traditional marketing is

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