Best Practices for Advertising/Digital Advertising that Grab Viewers’ Attention

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Learn how to grab the viewers’ attention using the best practices for advertising/digital advertising that can help you stand out from millions of content on the web.

It’s not easy to break through the massive volumes of content on the internet, especially because of the multimedia proliferation. And of course, there are many spam sites that add to the noise.

Here’s a list of the best practices for advertising/digital advertising:

Increase your content’s visibility. Give the viewers the opportunities to see your content. It is useless to create a valuable content that no one can view. If you’re watching a play, the only way for people to notice you is when the spotlight is on you. The same thing goes for advertising. Be at the center of the spotlight. That’s where SEO, Social Media, and Guerilla advertising come in.

Grab the viewer’s attention. If you’re reviewing for an exam, you would like to highlight the important words, right? That’s what successful advertisers do. They highlight their campaign. Visual content use colors, hues and other visual effects to catch the eyes of the viewers. Even facial expressions and background are laid out carefully by the graphic artist to create a visual subject which will get a second look.

For text content, you need a good headline-one that practically shouts, “Read Me!” A headline speaks a lot about the content. Think of ways to condense your message into a few words and use it to keep visitors in your site for a few more seconds.

Viewers will only pay attention if they will get something in return. They won’t waste time looking at a subject which doesn’t interest them at all. So, here’s where relevance comes in. If it is not relevant to the viewer, it will; go unnoticed. For example, an entrepreneur looking for ways to expand his business will not waste time looking at the latest movie updates, unless it is his business. So, make sure that the headline of the content is interesting enough for your target viewers. Look into your competitors’ strategies and if it works for them, don’t copy but exert extra effort to surpass them.

Make a strong impression and convey a message that viewers cannot easily forget

Don’t create a boring campaign or one which is too safe for everyone. It doesn’t mean that you have to create controversial digital advertising campaigns. Something which can tickle one’s imagination and leave a lasting impression will do. An appeal to pride, success, money, emotion and other things that your target market value the most would be a good start.

But, make it simple enough to be understood and recalled. Do not give too much information-just the ones to send the right message across. There are many ads with unclear messages because of poor audio or visuals. Make sure that everything in the digital ads go together to send one clear message.

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