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What Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Ambient Marketing

If you’re running a business, you might have heard about ambient marketing and how startups seem to rule the market using this technique. Here’s a clear and concise discussion of this type of marketing and how you can use it to beat your competitors and increase your revenue. What Is Ambient Marketing? Ambient marketing is a

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Strategic Marketing for Adult Content: Going Back to the Four P’s

    Strategic marketing answers three question:   What are the advantages of my brand over my competitors? Are these advantages competitive and sustainable? How can I allocate resources to exploit these advantages?   The answers to the previous questions provide clear and concise summaries of the applicable techniques that would carry out certain organisational

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Public Relations vs Marketing: The Win-Win Battle for Entrepreneurs

In the marketing parlance, public relations refer to the process of informing the public so that they will view your products or brand favourably. Marketing goes beyond the spreading of information. It seeks to create a satisfying long-term relationship with the customers for the purpose of gaining profit, establishing customer base and fostering customer loyalty.

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Why UX & UI Is Important In Website Design

    UI or User Interface refers to the aesthetic value of your app or online platform. On the other hand, UX or User Experience is what makes them usable. UX is the digital experience that helps us actually process the huge amount of online data through well-designed, appealing and eye-catching online platforms. It is what

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How to Manage Your Brand In Four Easy Steps

It is not easy to manage a brand but with these four basic steps, you can go a long way. Your brand’s identity is how you want people to perceive it. That’s why creating a brand management strategy is focused on reflecting the value of the company through its name and logo and other brand

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The Importance of Guerilla Marketing

Guerilla marketing is an unconventional digital marketing strategy to advertise products and services of small businesses in today’s highly social media-driven world of sales. Here are some of the most successful types of guerilla marketing and how you can successfully use them to meet your business targets: Ambient marketing Ambient communicator puts flyers, products and

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Promotional Strategies

How a Street Team Can Work for Your Brand

A street team is a group of people who hit the streets to promote a product or event with two goals in mind: to reach out to old and new customers and improve sales in the hard-to-reach market. Street teams started as groups of teenagers promoting bands and shows on the streets in exchange of

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Web Design Trends You Should Know About

Are you thinking of creating a new website or doing a re-design of your existing site? The last thing you want to do is to look dated or out of the loop.  Here are some of the latest trends in web design that we’ve noticed in 2016 to help you stay current.   User Experience (UX)

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Digital Media

The power of the Tweet

Is the power of the Tweet as formidable as the early days of the first migrations to Twitter? Circling the globe in a flow of information back and forth, to and fro and characteristically straight from the horses’ mouth. Or did the competition steal some of that thunder? With new, high-profile products joining the marketplace every month

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Insta’s Grand Heist of the Snapchat Story

This is the story of a girl (Stories) Who cried a river and drowned the whole world (Chat) And while she looked so sad in photographs (Snapchat), I absolutely love her when she smiles (Instagram)? If only it was so simple. The million $ question? Are we making a song and dance about the brand

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