Content Marketing 101: The Art of Storytelling To Gain The Right Customers

Good marketing is about telling an inspiring story, developing relevant content and practicing how to tell your story in several ways until you get the attention of your target market.

To sum up, content marketing is storytelling with a catch: a customer got to do something after viewing your content. It’s because marketing is about conversion. But with millions of ideas swirling on your mind, how can you choose a good marketing story?

Not everyone knows the art of storytelling, although there’s a storyteller in all of us. But when it comes to developing a marketing strategy, you may feel overwhelmed with ideas that may or may not work, depending on your delivery. Sure, a marketing team is full of people with vivid imagination and topnotch creativity—but if you are not a good story teller, you’re missing out a lot of conversion potentials.

Here are tips on how to tell a good story to market your brand to the right people:

  1. Accept the fact that storytelling is one of the most valuable tools in connecting with the right audience. The power of a good story can move people to action in a way that incentives, attractive offers and even money you can throw their way. It delivers important lessons, cerates awareness in an immeasurable magnitude and delivers a brand promise that customers can hold on to.
  2. Pay attention to what is going on around you. It is almost impossible to write a relevant story when you don’t stay updated with the current events. Read the newspaper, keep track of industry news, economic and political events and never ignore natural catastrophes. They will help you develop a content that will cover a wide range of subjects and connect to all your target market. Here’s why–
  • Staying up-to-date with the latest news also builds your language, and understanding of the marketing trends. It challenges your critical thinking and helps you connect some dots concerning your marketing success and failures.
  • A well-informed citizen is also a relevant marketer. You will understand the importance of events, and issues and pay attention to the people involved and the market segment that they represent.
  • content-marketing-101Content marketing continuously evolves and current online sources can help you develop a content model that imitates the styles of top brands in your industry. It also keeps your brand message relevant to the current marketing behaviors, the changing economy and other important social events.
  1. Understand your customers. Social media and online selling empowered consumers’ buying behavior. They have the power to choose among various competitors and their reviews and recommendations became reliable referrals. As consumer diversity increases, getting deep customer insight becomes more challenging than ever. For this reason, content marketing must always consider what these customers think. But, how do you get in the mind of your target market? Get in your customers’ shoes. Here’s how to do it right-
  • Get to know your customer’s interests, favorite brands and to-go options when it comes to services. You can also check the customers’ of your competitors to understand why they run to those companies instead of going to you.
  • Put yourself through your customers experience with your brand. You can pretend to be a customer without telling your sales team. If you are into online selling, order a product, and see how the sales team delivers it to you. Or, you can ask your customers to give you an honest review.
  • Envision future demands. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you got to think ahead too. Anticipate your target market’s needs. Provide content that they haven’t heard of. Give tips that will prepare them for a certain event or scenario. And, never let your competitors get ahead of you especially when it comes to delivering fresh and useful content.
  1. Show your message in a clear and powerful way through a plot, theme and setting that speaks volumes about the character and your message. Use visuals that sum up the message or carefully plot a story that your audience can understand.
  2. Keep your story short. Good books are lengthy, but there are short reads that could stay in your minds forever. In the digital marketing world–time matters. The faster you deliver the message, the better it is for your brand. If you have to deliver an in-depth content—write an e-book and let your customers download it, after they signup. But, blogs, videos and other types of visual content should be short enough to keep the viewers interested, but moderately long enough to deliver the message.

Marketing simply means…

Learning to do content marketing means telling a good story to engage people on why they should want to change their preferences and choose your brand instead. Since everyone has a story to tell, make sure that your story is something that your potential customers could reflect on.

Do you want to write a good compelling story for your marketing campaign? Contact Chilli Dee Digital Marketing Group and we will optimise your brand’s conversion rate with persuasive content marketing.