What is the Most Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy That Works?

Marketing Strategy

Learn how to improve your marketing strategy with a limited budget and to convert customers into brand ambassadors using social media.

Why leverage Social Media?

If your marketing strategy is focused on selling, it’s not going to work. But, if you were to strategise your plans to make it appear that your brand is actually helping people in a genuine way. While you also introduce your products and services then it’s going to gain and retain customers.

Why is social media indispensable in marketing your business?

When you post something in social media that addresses the needs and wants of a certain market, and you caught their attention. They will share it in a minute or less. When you say helping—a post should be useful enough to lessen or eliminate the actual and foreseen problems that your viewers are facing.

Social media is all about making bridges. You connect with people in your niche and these people are the ones who can directly and indirectly increase your profits, for example, a potential customer may not buy from you but he or she can refer you to someone who’s interested simply by reposting your Facebook post on their timeline.

So, when you are posting on social media think about your potential customers, existing customers and people who might be interested in what you do.

Who knows, you may get a partner, an investor or you may win big business opportunities simply because of your posts online.

marketing-strategyHere are practical social media marketing strategies:
Reach out to a bigger online audience

You may have thousands of brick and mortar clients actually visiting your store, but posting on social media can increase your market base by 100% or more.

People always talk about a lot of things they’re interested in online. So, it is important to regularly update your blog, interact with followers on social media and post the latest happenings, products, services or deals your company offers.

It will increase brand awareness boost your search engine ranking and probably increase your profits in a way that you have never thought possible.


Be an expert in your field

Understand your products and services. Learn everything about it, and how they can help others. For example, if you are selling lingerie, is it enough to show them the designs? What about the psychological components of the outfit?

Think about what people would feel if they wear it. Will it boost confidence? How important is confidence for your customers?

  1. If you are in real estate, don’t just focus on the design but on the efficiency of the house and the economic, social and psychological impact it will give to your buyers.
  2. Let your target market know that you know something valuable and that your opinions are credible. Do your research, answer questions professional and maintain a blog that provides free advice to people who can relate to your topics.


Be active on social media

Yes, running a business is a full time job, you may find it hard to look for a spare time to post on Facebook and tweet about your company’s latest events. But, running social media accounts will not take so much of your time.

You can allot at least 2 hours each day to update your account and post a photo, a blog or any useful content that will inform the public you’re active online. However, you should not also ignore the fact that it may take more than two hours to communicate effectively with your target market.

That is why every business needs a marketing team to ensure that the social media accounts are updated.

social-media-marketingHere are two simple rules to follow when posting on your social media accounts:

  • Post content which is valuable for your social media followers. Never spam your audience with too much content, because that would be a big turn off. No matter how eager you are to gain their attention, when you flood their feeds with posts, they’ll think of it as spam. But, don’t post too little either. If you are too busy to write content or upload a photo, one post a day is way better than nothing at all. But, you cannot expect the same level of engagement and conversion rate that 2 or more posts at the peak posting times could generate.


  • Be careful when retweeting or reposting content. Ask yourself why a particular content will be valuable for your audience. If it is not be beneficial for promoting brand awareness or boosting the sales of your product in one way or another, forget it.

Maintain A Good Relationship With Your Clients

Commit yourself to building and nurturing relationships with your potential and existing customers. Make way for real conversations, reply to comments on your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn posts.

Listen to what others in your niche say and participate in the conversation. Not as a brand but as the business owner who wants to give the best services or products to the public while optimising the full potential of the company.

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