Google vs Yahoo vs Bing (or other search engines): Which Works Best for Marketing?

Google vs. Yahoo vs. Bing


Before we compare Google vs Yahoo vs Bing, let’s differentiate a “Search engine” from a “Web directory” first.  These two search services are often confused with each other—when in reality, they have different functions. Google, Yahoo search and Bing are examples of search engines.

Here are some of the major differences between the two—

  1. Whose behind the search?

Robots and crawlers are behind search engines—they’re the ones writing the programs. So, if you write content and put it on your webpage, they will locate that page, read your content and submit whatever they found on the search engine’s indices or data bases, based on relevant keywords. So, if you type a keyword, you are practically digging into the search engine’s index. If the information is updated at least bimonthly, better and more relevant information will show up on the search.

Web directories use human editors to review websites (unlike search engines which list web pages) and index them in an organized database. But, due to the human factor in indexing of content, Yahoo and other web directories partner with search engines to generate more relevant content.

Google, Yahoo search and Bing are examples of search engines. That means, using any of them to look at the web, means flipping in to different the web pages and web objects indexed by them during that time. You cannot access all indexed pages, but only those webpages that are most relevant to your search. This brings us to the important of SEO in generating content.

No matter how substantial your content is—if it was not SEO-optimised, your potential clients will not be able to access it. Yes, even if you are using the best search engine available.

  1. Main purpose

Search engine mines information on the World Wide Web—these include not only the web pages but the PDF files, images and all web objects available at that time. It also keeps up ongoing data through the web crawler and shows their indexed lists as search engine results pages.

When you enter a search term, Google, Bing and Yahoo Search will direct you to a certain web page. But, a web directory will lead you to a website or a home page.

Does it matter which engine you use?

Now that we have settled the difference between search engines and web directories, let’s discuss Google vs Yahoo vs Bing based on the most common purposes of people using them.

Internet users have a routine—you turn on the computer, search something using a search engine, like Google which has around 3.5 billion searches a day.

For what? To do research, shop or for entertainment reasons…

If you are looking for information, you can easily find a site that will fulfill a specific purpose using any of these 3 major search engines. Bing provides categorical search offerings depending on your search purpose. These search categories include Advertising, Dictionary, and Events. Other search offerings include—Finance, Health, Images, Local, Maps and News. You can also check the Recipe feature, Reference, Social, Translator, University, and Videos. Visual search, Weather and Wolfram Alpha features are also available.

Google, on the other hand, has topnotch features for specific purposes. Searchers looking for the best price on a flight can use Google Flight Search. You can instantly play Atari Breakout game, dig into Google Public Data Explorer to access information on public statistics and a quick translation of a word using Google translations. If you’re a health buff, you can compare which food to buy with Google nutrition comparison search. Of course, there’s Google conversions for tricky math work, Google nGrams to search for popular words and Google Sky to look into galaxies!

But, if you’re in hurry and you want to get the most relevant results fast—you can try Yahoo Shortcuts. Its selection-based search feature helps you receive search suggestions while you’re using Yahoo Mail and other Yahoo features.  Yahoo Search provides cached links to help you view search results in standard HTML, customise search results using keywords, and settings like SafeSearch, Domain restrictions , Language Selection and Number of results.

Final Thoughts

Going back to Google vs Yahoo vs Bing comparison—any search engine will help you achieve your business goals if you are knowledgeable on SEO and content marketing. Chilli Dee Digital Marketing Group can help you find ways on how to optimise search engines with our chili hot digital marketing strategies! Make an enquiry today!