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link building

Link building helps search engines analyse how popular your website’s web pages are, and whether it is an authority site that people trust or just spam. Simply by looking at the number of websites and pages linking to them.

Link building strategies change with time. It goes as far as SEO gets, as the demand for building high-quality links become higher than it has ever been before. As people search for trustworthy sites, and authority content, its importance to the industry also rose.

Search engines like Google and Bing- also use Link Building as the basis for your site ranking. That means, if you want to increase your chances of getting a higher rank, the number of high-quality links navigating to your website should increase as well. This leads us to the roles of link building in digital marketing:

Link building builds relationships

As you produce quality content that keeps your clients informed and provide regular content that they can depend on, you will eventually gain long-term relationships. And, relationship building can also extend to top influencers, brand ambassadors, enthusiastic partners and interested investors.

These are the groups of highly influential people on the web that could quickly relay to everyone they know whenever you promote something on your website.

While outreaches, marketing campaigns and branding strategies have their own risks, there are many pros than cons when it comes to promoting your industry with link building.

Aside from fostering long term relationships with other people on the web, it makes your business reliable—a brand character which is what every entrepreneur aspires.

Link building generates unlimited first time and recurrent traffic

Do you want to get more leads and boost your conversion? 

Referral traffic, through link building, can do just that by way of links-to-ranking and Links-to-Referral Traffic.

How can you start building links? Well, you can partner with a site which is somehow connected to yours—and it could result in an increase in your referral traffic. For example, if you’re in the adult industry and a Clinical psychologist mentions an article from your site and links to it to provide an example, you can expect a generous amount of traffic and perhaps, sales.

Your content must be highly relevant to the other website—so that when somebody clicks on your link, there is continuity in the flow of the content.

If you do this right, you’ll be having the amount of traffic that you want, especially if the link came from a highly-visited website. But, if you’re linking to a low-authority site, you can’t expect a sudden surge in the amount of your web traffic.

Link building builds your brand

Do you like to attract the right people, stand out in your niche and build a brand which would later on become a generic word like Kleenex?

Create high-quality content—so that when your customers click on your link, they will spend a few minutes reading and looking at your page and probably linking back to it. Just make sure that aside from being an interesting content. It is somewhat related to the previous page.

When they click on your link do everything to show them what your business got.

Create content that they cannot get out of their head for a day or one that their heart could remember.

Link building boosts your website’s popularity

How do you compete with top brands offering similar services to yours? Share valuable, useful and relevant news or gossip that will likely interest your target viewers. Cultivate a culture of integrity, respect and honesty in all your dealings.

Tips to increase your link value to improve site profile

  • Boost TrustRank by earning links from highly-trusted pages like government websites, reputable organisations or influencers can result in a significant boost to your Trust Rank.
  • Build links with sites with specific topics. For example, if your website sells insurance plans, a topic-specific community such as retirement insurance for the self-employed matters more than links from insurance sites or off-topic websites.
  • Link with popular and important websites: If you can link to authority sites in your niche you are more likely to earn trust and authority with the top search engines.
  • Use targeted phrases in your anchor text. The search engines will receive these strong signals and use them in rankings. So, if there are more than 10 links pointing to your page which uses the right keywords, specifically anchor text of inbound links– there is a very good probability that the said page will rank well in the searches.

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