Is traditional marketing / advertising dead?

traditional marketing
In this digital world where customers are spending more time on mobile and internet use than reading newspapers, watching television and listening to radios– is it possible that traditional marketing is already dead?

In this digital world where customers are spending more time on mobile and internet use than reading newspapers, watching television and listening to radios– is it possible that traditional marketing is already dead?

Viral marketing has taken the business world by storm-unfortunately leaving the traditional marketers behind. But, it doesn’t mean that traditional marketing is entirely dead. It is just a matter of choosing your customer base.

Why do you have to choose a marketing strategy when you can have the best of both worlds? The reason is simple: traditional marketing has its own disadvantages:

  • It is expensive. How much does a billboard or a minute of airtime on television or radio station would cost you? It’s probably hundreds to thousands of dollars.
  • It does not specifically target customers: Unlike in social media marketing where you can specifically target your customers based on their demographics, you do not know who will view or listen to your advertisement on TV, radio, and newspaper.
  • It is difficult to measure the effectiveness of the marketing campaign. There are no metrics you can use, unlike social media analytics where you could see the engagement and the customer demographics.
Is traditional marketing dead?

Customer base: the new focus of digital marketing

The most important asset of the company is the customer base. Without them, it is impossible to survive in a constantly challenging and unstable market. That’s why companies spend a lot of money and effort in ensuring that they meet the needs and wants of their target market. As more organizations transition from traditional to a holistic approach where customers’ needs become the primary focus of the organization, marketers become more aggressive as well in their marketing strategies.  In the end, they implement traditional or digital marketing strategies or a mix thereof to optimize the results.

But the question is—“Is traditional marketing dead?”

Do traditional campaigns still work at this time when small and big companies are implementing holistic customer-focused marketing plans to ensure that their customers remain loyal to their brand? If you are a business owner, take time to evaluate your traditional marketing efforts. Because whether you like it or not social media has changed the way people choose, shop and recommend a product.

Rampant use of the internet and mobile applications

If you are like most companies, you would notice that many entrepreneurs are already taking advantage of digital marketing to reach out to internet and mobile phone users – which by the way, comprise the majority of Australia’s population.  Digitalisation changes the response of customers to traditional media. It is simply because of blogs, infographics, videos and other marketing content pop every now and their social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Interest and other social media networks.

The changing patterns of customer behaviour

Aside from the availability of millions of content on these networks, why aren’t the customers responding as before?  Social media encouraged people to engage and build a relationship with the brand-something that they cannot do when watching TV, listening to the radio or rewarding the newspaper. In traditional media-customers are merely viewers or passive audience. But, in digital media, they can react, comment, or express their approval or opposition in each post.

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