These Killer Guerilla Marketing Strategies Are Not For The Faint-Hearted

Guerrilla Marketing

If you have been competing with your rivals using traditional marketing strategies for years but you always end up in the losing end, it’s time to call in the guerrillas to turn the tide. So, prepare to put on the hood of creativity and grease up your brain to pump up original ideas as you lay your imagination on the battlefield. And don’t worry if you’re running out of cash-this is a battle where resourcefulness beats big funding.

Here are some of the affordable guerrilla marketing tips to take brick and mortar strategies into a crazy level:

Graffiti marketing

Unleash the artist in you! Turn the alleyways and walls of big establishments into a huge canvass. Express your marketing ideas in an art form, appeal to the heart of the passersby and leave a lasting impression they can’t simply erase. But, make sure you got the permission from the property owners and the proper government authority before you get charged for vandalism. This type of marketing is called, “graffiti” –a sensible, attractive and low-cost strategy with messages that speak louder than traditional billboards because of the colors, free-form art, and location.


Marketing g guerilla can be fierce but cute as stickers too. Stickers stick well to the minds of potential consumers if you put them in the right places. Some companies place them near windshields, public toilets, and posts while others distribute them to interested passersby.  They’re affordable too.

Undercover Marketing

If you’re a big fan of 007, here’s your chance of going undercover. Join a group fo your target market, and rave about your product. But be extra careful-do not overdo it, because Australian consumers are smart! They know when you mean business and when it’s simply a prank.

Flash Mobs

Flash mobs are popular nowadays. You may have heard about flash mob proposal, weddings and birthdays… you name it. You can hire actors or simply convince a huge crowd to do something for you just for the thrill and excitement of being a part of a flash mob. Just make sure that you have prepared the crew and the people involved for any untoward circumstances. Huge crowds can attract accidents too.

If you’re living in the city, make use of the available spaces in your area. It can be a public park, a huge mall or any public area where a lot of people gather. Just make sure that you have a strong guerrilla marketing plan before you present your product or service to the public. Make sure that your brand fits well to the people in a particular area. Otherwise, your efforts will be in vain.

Final thoughts

Guerilla marketing companies often succeed in the marketing business because of the above-mentioned strategies which are more affordable than classic advertising. Even if it doesn’t work, you only have few bucks to lose, compared to TV ads and “super bowl” mentions that range from thousands to millions of dollars. It also capitalizes on the creativity of the marketing team. On top of it all, it has a big chance of becoming a publicity powerhouse as more and more people pick up on the campaign, share it on social media and make it viral.

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