Why landing pages are crucial in social media marketing

Landing pages for business

Why are landing pages crucial in social media marketing? Well, the number one mistake many content marketers do is sending visitors to a landing page that doesn’t support the Call-To-Action.

Confusing landing pages turn customers off…

Marketers draw potential customers in with a creative social post, and then drop them off to a landing page that doesn’t continue the conversation. For example, if you offered a 40% discount on your product make sure that you send them to a sign up page with some information about the post that led them there. But, if you will direct them to your home page, they’ll be reading plenty of distractions and they may end up not signing up at all.

The logic behind this strategy is the fact that any savvy inbound marketer aims to get visitors to their website so they can convert them into leads for their business. In the example above, the best way to convince them to become paying customers is through a special landing page that provides details and some additional information about a sign up process or a subscription. It must convince them that it’s worth providing their contact information so that they can take advantage of the offer. Once they submit the sign up forms, you will not have troubles in doing a follow up.

Creating crucial landing pages that work

Here are some of the practical advantages of creating specific landing pages for your social media post:

It significantly improves your lead generation efforts.

Number one landing page tip

Don’t throw away your leads by sending people to your home page that doesn’t specifically tell them what to do. It can be a confusing and boring experience for many people. Instead, send them to a targeted landing page.

Second yet invaluable tip when making crucial landing pages

Write your content wisely

Make sure it has a clear and concise headline, a simple yet compelling text and optimised keywords on the landing page. Don’t forget a good visual content. It can be a photo or an infographic that supports the social media post that led them into that landing page. You must also provide a social sharing button so your visitors can easily share your landing page with their social media connection. Most of all, make sure that you have conversion form that requires your visitors to submit their contact information in exchange for your offer.

A landing page collects customer demographics

If you like to get some personal information about your prospects to check whether or not you are reaching your target market, always create a conversion form in your landing page. It will help your marketing team understand what types of marketing personas you are converting.

A landing page offers insights into your marketing performance

Analyse the metrics of a specific landing page. Compare them with other landing pages and compare them with your other marketing efforts. The metrics of your specific landing pages can help you understand the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. It is also a powerful tool to help you optimise and make specific adjustments or changes to your marketing efforts.

Creates a sales funnel

Allows you to acknowledge receipt of your potential customers’ information, sets up details for the next step and expresses your gratitude for their response

Create a “thank you” page

Add an automated email responder that sends the next steps, offers or message from your company in an email message. The critical role of the thank-you page and the email response is to seal the deal between you and your potential customer.

Build credibility

You can create a Testimonials page to alleviate your visitor’s concerns and convert them into customers. Let the people know that your products or services are helping others. If possible, dust off all the recognition you get and put the best testimonials and your proudest achievements at the sidebar or bottom of your landing page. If you have good customer reviews, put them on display.

Last thoughts on landing pages

Social media marketing is one of the cheapest and easiest marketing strategies that generate hundreds to millions of leads every single day. But, when they click on your social media post and end up on a confusing and irrelevant landing page, your social media efforts won’t get you anywhere. So, if you want to optimise your social media marketing campaigns, make sure that you lead them to the right page which talks about your products and clearly gives them instructions on what to do to avail of your offer.

Now you not only need a social media post that is filled with useful content and optimised keywords, but you should also create a specific landing page to support it. It will not only help you test value proposition but it will also encourage conversion.

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