How Do I Move Up Through Google Ranking Without Paying?

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Every entrepreneur recognizes the benefits of achieving search engine rankings because of the role of organic search traffic in business growth. But, it is not easy to boost search engine ranking because of massive competition. And of course, there are many companies promising an overnight success, but you may end up getting penalized by Google because of wrong practices.

Here are some tricks to get targeted traffic without having to worry about penalties:

Make sure that your content has these two characteristics: Useful and accessible. It is because the mission of Google is to organize the collective information around the world and make it accessible for everyone-but the information must be used as well. So, your focus is not just to ensure that your on-page SEO is optimized both for people and robots (search algorithms) but the create content that people could benefit from.

Conduct an in-depth assessment of your recent search engine ranking

This includes the following:

Keyword ranks. For example, your site’s main keyword is adult dating, it is vital to check how your website ranks when you search for your keywords. Look how far is your first page in the search results.

  1. Site speed: How long does your page load? Conduct a speed test to check how fast your page loads.

If it takes 15 seconds or more to load your page, how can you beat competitors out there which pages load in a second or less? What’s more, the search algorithm will penalize you and your title tags, and on-page SEO can’t-do anything to save you.some of the most popular speed test tools include the following:

  • Google PageSpeed Insights
  • WebPageTest
  1. Latest conversion rate: How is your organic traffic doing in the past six months? What about in the recent years? If your site is new, try to analyze if there was a sudden increase or decrease in organic traffic. Is your conversion rate consistent? Or does it fluctuate from time to time?

Track your metrics using Google Analytics, Hubspot, and some other free tools. How many visitors reached your website get via Google? What are the keywords that generated traffic? You can use some keyword tools like Serp Scan to check keywords that brought organic visitors to your website.

  1. Use the results of your recent evaluation to improve your conversion. For example, if particular keywords are bringing you lost of leads, why not triple your efforts in optimizing those keywords?

Start by doing keyword analysis and get those queries your target market type into search engines. It can help you customize your landing page to boost your conversion rates.

  1. Create keyword-based content that benefits your viewers and at the same time-adds value to your brand. Place your target keywords wisely in the content. Make it appear as natural as possible. Ensure that the keywords in your first paragraph don’t appear like spam. Otherwise, your visitors will shun it right away. And, Google will know, for sure.

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