Which is better: Online Streaming Advertising or Radio Advertising?

Old fashioned radios with twists and turns that some millennials couldn’t understand are, well, so 20th century. Sure, they evolved from vintage, battery-powered techies to car-instilled, gas-powered speakers; but nothing beats the great 21st century’s Wi-Fi. I mean, c’mon?! Who doesn’t like the easier way out?

The global online streaming market is rapidly growing, with the key vendors such as iHeartMedia, Spotify, Pandora and Apple continuously capture bigger markets and generate higher revenues than traditional radios.

  • iHeartRadio All Access

You can easily add the songs played by your favorite radio stations and add them into your playlist and play them anytime, and even offline, iHeartRadio All Access can give you just that. Is the number of radio stations limited? No, with iHeartRadio you have 850 radio stations to choose from.

  • Spotify

Spotify is considered as the top paid music streaming service. Instead of focusing on music, it also extends its “listening to music” business into storytelling. That’s why the company has been exerting efforts on making podcasts accessible on Spotify. So, it’s not all music anymore. There’s podcasts too, and the company is working on ways to engage more listeners in the process.

  • Pandora

If you want to listen to your favorite artists and genres, Pandora is an exciting online streaming service that plays your favorite musical selections based on the artists you selected. You can easily provide both positive and negative feedback; access the service by simply downloading the Pandora app on your computer or cellphone, or streaming it through the computer.

Why many people use online music streaming

We’ve got to admit, online streaming ads that don’t make any sense – suddenly pop up whenever we’re listening to One Direction could get quite annoying. But sometimes, those ads that actually MAKE SENSE are worth the wait to hear Harry Styles’ voice again. Turning the radio on could be such a hassle, finding the radio station could take ages, and EVEN after your car ride, you still haven’t heard the satisfying sound of music.

online-streaming-radio-adiHeartMedia/Spotify/Pandora all have one use- to millennials, anyway- that’s for music; entertainment. Sometimes, people don’t even have time to pay attention to those ads, billboard signs, and commercials. People are now spending more time on their mobile phones than listening to traditional radio or watching television. So, if you are an advertiser, wouldn’t you consider this fact as the best opportunity to maximize internet radio advertising? Yes, one of the benefits of advertising online is that since they don’t let go of those gadgets, having advertisements while listening to music could be one of the pros.

But, how can you reach target markets using online streaming advertising? Any type of advertisement must offer a highly personalized listening experience for your potential customers. Your digital marketing team should need to consider some ways on how to fully optimize internet radio for marketing.

The ads just like the music must match your activities for the day so that it becomes a part of your routine. You don’t talk about lovely date nights on a busy morning, right? The ads must resonate with you, keep up with your schedule and motivate you to be more productive the whole day. As ads get more personalized, just like the music scores in a particular internet radio, your engagement, conversion and ROI will increase as well.

What is the obvious downside of online music streaming advertising?

At present, online music streaming vendors can only provide generalized preferences in a particular location. There are no specific music genres that could actually categorise people with similar lifestyles and choices. For example, it will be useful if there are musical experiences designed for all women who love cats, if you want to advertise your cat grooming business. Radios however have different programs designed specifically for a group of listeners. But, unlike online music streaming which have figures of their subscribers, you wouldn’t know the exact number of people who actually listened to the program.

Is Radio advertising, so “yesterday”?

Radio advertising, may not be that hip anymore. But tell that to your old folks who start the day with their radio on, and you’ll admit that such presumption is a mistake. Plus there are still millions of listeners who value radio information. But compared to digital marketing, traditional radio advertising is costly. It’s also difficult to measure because there are no analytics tools available to show who listened to you and their locations. But, you need to be very creative when looking for the right program and the right timing so that your small budget can reach as many potential customers as possible.

Bottom Line

Every advertising campaign entails good planning but a highly creative team like Chilli Dee knows that campaigns should be customised based on your target audience. It is also imperative to create truly great content, and a delivery that brings life to your brand. Good team work is essential and the ability to thrive on a small budget is a must.

If you need more answers to the question, “Which is better: online streaming advertising or radio advertising like iHeartMedia/Spotify/Pandora app vs radio”, contact Chilli Dee today.