Pros & Cons: Instagram Marketing


With over 500 million active Instagram users, this photo-sharing app is a powerful tool for communicating with global community. That’s why many businesses spend a lot of money on creating Instagram marketing strategies that would help them engage and communicate better with their target market. However, as businesses use every opportunity to optimize their Instagram posts, it is getting harder to grab your potential consumer’s attention.

If you want to leverage your visual content, here are some pros of cons of Instagram marketing that you need to consider:


  • Every picture has a potential of becoming viral. If you hit the public’s soft spot, you’ll get thousands to millions of views. It’s not impossible to meet your sales quota in a few hours after a viral photo goes out.
  • You can show off your products or services through a well-thought of visual content.
  • Your followers will do the marketing for you. When they like your photo, they may re-share it. The new bunch of audience would re-share something that interests them too.


  • It’s not easy to market your products or services on Instagram. There are many audiences who are simply wasting their idle time online by browsing through their Instagram. So, if you want real customers, create posts that busy people and even those who have no Instagram accounts would take interest in.
  • Not everyone who shares your photo is a potential customer. So, don’t mistake your number of shares as metrics of your potential revenue

How effective is Instagram marketing?

A successful Instagram marketing campaign includes metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of the company’s social marketing efforts. Many companies use software service with analytics program which is efficient for most companies because they can track whether or not the posts are actually helping them reach their goals. But, you can create your own metrics.

Here are some features of a comprehensive Instagram marketing evaluation tool:

  • It evaluates the connection between the sales and Instagram interaction
  • It checks the connection between the comments on its posts with the boost in sales
  • It determines which posts get the most positive reaction from the social media audience.

Of course, you can always sell via Instagram by posting direct sales campaign. But, in most cases, Instagram is used as a marketing strategy to share information with a wider range of audience. It is often used to supplement an existing online presence, like a website or Facebook page.

Since Instagram is about images, your content marketing strategy must heavily incorporate visual content to generate more views and engagement. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, as long as you’re using Instagram, visual content matters. So, if you have a blog, insert an image at the beginning of your article, and include the said image in the snippet section (main page) of your blog.

If you’re planning to launch or improve your Instagram marketing program, why not hire skilled digital marketers to do it right? Chilli Dee, for example can create a visual style that defines your brand and maintain a daily output designed to achieve the highest level of brand engagement.

If you have some questions regarding the pros and cons of Instagram marketing and wonders whether or not it can help you achieve your business goals, contact Chilli Dee today!



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