Pros & Cons: Pinterest Marketing


How popular is Pinterest as a marketing tool? Well, given the fact that there are over 150 million active Pinterest users, improving Pinterest presence is one of the leading targets of small to big businesses nowadays.

Pinterest marketers are doing everything they can to get more re-pins, increase traffic and boost the number of its followers. But, before you get your hopes up and spend all your money in hiring a Pinterest marketer, here are some of the pros and cons of Pinterest marketing that you need to know.


  • Pinterest has easy to use features. New users can pin and re-pin interesting posts. So, if you have a worth-sharing pin, don’t worry, it will be re-pinned in no time.
  • It has the highest referral traffic. So make sure you insert the right links in your post
  • You can upload your most interesting photo or infographic that has the potential to be viral
  • You can interact with other Pinterest members. You can join Pinterest boards and invite others to post on your own board as well.


  • Being repeatedly re-pinned is not an indicator that your site gets the amount of traffic the number of re-pins represents. The truth is that other users may use your pins to draw traffic to their site, and not yours.

How to use Pinterest for Marketing Wisely

One of the primary benefits of using Pinterest for marketing is the ability to build and nurture social relationships with existing and potential consumers who share the same interests as your brand. So, it is important to implement relevant techniques that would ensure that you know that these people are indeed interested in your niche and that they have need that you can meet. Remember that if not because of that need, you will not be brought together by this platform.

When using Pinterest to market your brand, you have to take the role of playing as the gatherer of people. You bring them together around a particular brand. It could be a service, an interest or a product.  The key here is to keep them interested while you build a strong network of followers and potential customers. Now, the question is—how?

First, your goal is to increase your credibility as a person and as an influencer. Create genuine and transparent posts, and respond to questions from followers on time. And of course, always keep your promises.

Second, you have to build your brand.  Pinterest marketing is not about obsessing with lead generation and making a sale.  In building a brand, you have to ensure that your actions resonate with your target customers. Not only will it build your reputation and boost awareness of your brand, but more people will be coming back again and again.

Third, you need to create a loyal following to increase your profitability. Eventually, your figures will rise up because strong online branding and great Pinterest following can drive incremental value for your brand.

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