Does Radio Advertising Work?

radio advertising

Nope! Radio is no longer the best and most effective means of attracting attention, creating interest and bringing profit to your business. Here’s why.

Message does not reach the right audience

An effective message is one which reaches the target market and is viewed or heard enough to convince customers to take action.

How many people hear your message on the radio? Is there a way for you to find out the number of time they heard your advertisement? How often did they hear your message? How many of them actually heard it?

A redundant tweet that pops up every other hour has great frequency but poor reach, while a Super Bowl ad has huge reach but the poor frequency. In the same way, you may have a great radio ad, on a popular radio station–but as more and more people use the internet and their mobile phones to shop and to connect with people, the effect may not be an as strong as you wanted it to be. Compare it with social media status, tweets; videos that flood your social media accounts on a daily basis and you’ll realize that you remember them more than you did with an ad you overheard on the radio.

It does not stay long enough for people to hear.

A blog can stay as long as you want it to stay. You can re-share it after three to six months, get people to talk about it on forums, social media groups and even use it on your direct marketing campaign. In fact, you can recreate it into infographics, memes and other visuals. SEO works in the same way. It just keeps on bringing people to your website or company page/account.

Unlike radio advertising which shoots your wallet as soon as it hits the airwaves, digital advertising works the other way around. You can get higher returns as engagement increases. Digital marketing keeps on giving, as long as you consistently maintain it. As you create and share quality content, customers would keep on coming back and probably bring new ones to your website. That’s a vast return on investment!

Is digital marketing better than radio advertising?

If you have a small marketing budget and you cannot afford radio advertising, you can leverage Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, your blog and other digital marketing platforms to get more traffic and sales. Instead of constantly worrying about the radio airtime fee, why not create a blog and maintain it?

Update your company page with the recent happenings in your company, special promos and other things that can get your customers excited about your brand. Start using social media platforms for your own advantage-create daily posts, share photos, videos and take time to respond to your customers. Yes, even to trivial questions. Customer love connection-and as a business, it may help you if you appreciate the feedback.

If you can’t make up your mind on whether you will spend your working capital on radio advertising or on the more cost-effective digital marketing campaigns, contact Chilli Dee. They can show you how embracing digital marketing and guerilla marketing techniques can help you optimize your brand’s capabilities.

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