If Sex Sells, Why Can’t You Advertise Sex and Sex Products?


When you’re providing sex products or services, you can’t escape being a sales person nor ignore the culture and legal limitations in a particular jurisdiction.  This is why you need to be aware of the different approaches you could use when advertising and selling adult products.

Australia’s sex industry laws

Australia’s ‘Sex Work Regulations 2016′ prohibits advertisement  containing pictures/pictorial representation of actual and simulated sexual act, bare sexual organs and breasts. In addition, the Sex Work Act 1994 prohibits advertisements that describe sexual services, or imply that the business is offering massage when in fact it is offering sex as a product. Advertisements should never induce a person to be a sex worker nor divulge any medical testing or procedure undertaken by the sex worker.

How to comply with advertising laws

The country implements advertising laws that protect consumers by requiring advertisers to comply with the regulations in the industry. Failure to comply with the advertising and marketing laws could result in costly lawsuits and penalties. So, before you embark on an advertising campaign, it’s important for you to understand some basic rules.

  • Always be truthful. Never launch deceptive advertisements
  • Back up your claims with evidences
  • Never discriminate, nor distribute unfair ads
  • Always refer to the sex industry laws before launching your advertisements

The right way to advertise sex and sex products without violating advertising laws

These three words can change the way your marketing team works: hard selling, soft selling and call to action.

One of the best ways to get your message across to the public is to apply effective soft selling strategy. While hard selling or aggressive marketing pressures your client to act now, soft selling works better.

Hard selling includes the following marketing tactics:

  • cold calls
  • forceful sales letters
  • unsolicited pitches

The message of hard sell marketing is clear-“I want sales and I want it now”! It works well for clients who don’t have time to look around for other products because they want it now. But, if you are planning to build a lasting relationship with clients and possibly gain more customers, soft selling marketing would work better.

The focus of soft selling is relationship-building aspect. You don’t put psychological pressure on potential customers. Instead, you opt for passive ways to show them that your products or services can benefit them. And maybe, you have the right solutions they need.

In sex industry, this could be done through a blog, creating fresh content and informative posts over the social media. You can also participate in online discussions to let them know that you care about their opinions. This can also help you learn more about their needs and think about the right approach to make sure that your products can help them.

There is, however, such a thing as taking the “right approach” in soft selling. Always remember your website, blog or social media accounts are your platforms for selling your products or services. Do not be “too soft” that you forget the main purpose of your actions. No matter how subtle it is, the main purpose is to get sales.

Work on your “Call To Action”. Always encourage your website visitors to start a business relationship with you. Otherwise, your efforts can’t be considered as selling after all.

Do you know which marketing strategy would work for you? Chilli Dee has the answers and we’ll get on with it as soon as you contact us!



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