Why should you try street marketing for your business?

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A street team is a group of people who hit the streets to promote a product or event with two goals in mind: to reach out to old and new customers and improve sales in the hard-to-reach market. Street marketing started as groups of teenagers promoting bands and shows on the streets in exchange for free access to events and band merchandise. But, because the street teamers were able to build solid fan base and pushed for more sales, the concept was adopted by almost all types of industries.

The benefits of street team marketing for your brand

A passionate team

 You can work with people who are passionate about your products. There are millions of marketers out there, but only few of them actually take great interest in the products or services they are selling. When your team is passionate about your brand, they can be as fanatical as a fan base of popular rock bands!

Creating a vibrant energy

The street team energizes customers to spread the word without being told to do so. It’s not too hard to implement an instant viral marketing plan and to promote brand loyalty when your customers are raving about it. Getting research data is also easy with interested people talking about your products.

Hitting your target market

You will understand your target market. A street team is full of people from various walks of life. By working with them you will know where to find similar people who are potential customers. Your team can also tell you where you can find potential customers, how these people spend their time online and what websites and niches interest them.

Why should you try street marketing


It is cost-effective. It is pretty expensive to launch a marketing campaign, especially if you have to use the print media, radio and television. Even house to house visits can be very tiring and costly too. But, running a street marketing campaign would only cost a fraction of your total marketing budget. A street team can get customers to sign up for the online street team and for your company offerings. They can put links in the web pages they often visit. To maximize the use of these links, you should create a landing page that collects “non-intruding” information about them. Just be sure to ask basic questions that are relevant to the product or services you are selling such as age and contact information so as not to scare them off.

Social networking

You can leverage social networks. Online social networks like Facebook and MySpace have a long list of features designed to get users to interact. This makes them fertile grounds for viral marketing.

Quick and efficient

Quick results. A street team can distribute messages fast because of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. It is also easy to send email with good content that will keep people engaged. All the messages via these platforms are often loaded with good content to keep your viewers responsive. Street teams are good at using their customers’ time wisely. They don’t send emails with irrelevant information that might decrease marketing effectiveness.

All in all, why should you try street marketing? A street team is a quick and inexpensive way of bringing excitement and energy to your brand. Get out there and target your audience in one of the most personable ways we know how – face-to-face contact.

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