digital marketing

Conversion marketing
Digital Marketing

4 web marketing tips to optimise conversion

Web marketing has three-fold purposes: acquire customers, reduce promotional costs and improve customer satisfaction. This article will discuss how to best implement these three aspects to web marketing and marketing tips to optimise conversion.

reach a large audience fast
Digital Marketing

How to reach a large audience fast

If you want to create brand awareness, increase sales and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage that would last for decades on a particular region or regions, you want to reach a large audience fast.

digital marketing strategy sydney
Digital Marketing

Keys to a successful promotional strategy

Promotional strategy A successful promotional strategy is one that introduces the brand and grows and retains its customer base. Learn how to promote your products and services in the

affiliate marketing
Digital Marketing

Does affiliate marketing work?

Some argue SEO’s link building is becoming more and more outdated as social media marketing and content marketing increase in popularity. But what about affiliate marketing?

video marketing
Digital Marketing

The importance of using video for marketing

Are you using video for marketing? Are you using videos and vlogs (video blogs) to communicate with your audience?  If you aren’t then you definitely should be. It’s no secret

marketing adult toys
Digital Marketing

Marketing challenges in the sex toy market

Sure, sex toys are now a 15 billion dollar industry, but why are your sales numbers lower than what you expected? What makes it so difficult marketing adult toys?

twitter marketing
Social media

The pros and cons of Twitter marketing

There are 313 million active Twitter users every month and it’s adding up. But, before you get too excited about using Twitter for your business, bear in mind that

How effective are hashtags in social media
Digital Marketing

How successful are hashtags in marketing?

Ever since Internet Relay Chats introduced hashtags into the market, they have been spreading everywhere. You can now see them even on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. But how

traditional marketing
Digital Marketing

Is traditional marketing / advertising dead?

In this digital world where customers are spending more time on mobile and internet use than reading newspapers, watching television and listening to radios– is it possible that traditional marketing is already dead?

Duck duck go
Digital Marketing

What is Duck Duck Go?

If you think we forgot “ose” in duck duck goose, then you’d be mistaken. We’re talking about DuckDuckGo, the unique and not widely known search engine.

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