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reach a large audience fast
Digital Marketing

How to reach a large audience fast

If you want to create brand awareness, increase sales and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage that would last for decades on a particular region or regions, you want to reach a large audience fast.

the power of social media
Social media

Leverage the power of social media

Social media news website reveals that there are around 16 million Australian active users on Facebook, and over 14 million daily YouTube Views, more than 3 million LinkedIn

which social media platform
Social media

What social media platform should I focus on?

Small businesses with limited manpower and cash flow leverage social media to get maximum exposure, engagement, and returns on investment. But, with lots of options out there, what social

Using social media for business
Social media

Benefits of using social media for business

The truth is that while you may already know how to use social media, learning a few basic principles that can be applied immediately will make your marketing strategy more effective than ever. Here are some of the benefits of using social media for your business in this highly competitive world.

marketing for adult content
Social media

Strategic marketing for adult content

Strategic marketing for adult content answers three questions: What are the advantages of my brand over my competitors? Are these advantage competitive and sustainable? How can I allocate resources

snapchat vs instagram
Social media

Snapchat vs Instagram: Insta’s grand heist

Are we making a song and dance about the brand new Instagram feature stories? The Instagram vs Snapchat saga continues to make a big splash in the tech news hour. Picasso once said: “Good artists copy, great artists steal”.

Pinterest marketing
Social media

The pros and cons of Pinterest marketing

How popular is Pinterest as a marketing tool? Well, given the fact that there are over 150 million active Pinterest users, improving Pinterest presence is one of the leading

Digital Marketing

The pros and cons of Snapchat marketing

Are you wondering how many active users are using Snapchat on a daily basis? It’s a whopping 158 million. And how many Snaps are taken each day? It’s roughly

twitter marketing
Social media

The pros and cons of Twitter marketing

There are 313 million active Twitter users every month and it’s adding up. But, before you get too excited about using Twitter for your business, bear in mind that

Instagram marketing
Social media

The pros and cons of Instagram marketing

Instagram is no doubt the king of today’s social-scape. Now owned by social networking giant Facebook, Instagram and Facebook collectively hold the largest pool of users. That’s why many

Inbound marketing
Content creation

How to make inbound marketing work for you

Ready to make rave results from your marketing team offensive? We hear you. Broadcast Marketing as we know can be wide reaching and dynamic but in this, the modern age

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