The pros and cons of Facebook marketing

Facebook marketing

Facebook has a huge potential market for your business, but how do you stand out from the crowd? Here are some of the pros and cons of Facebook marketing and tips on how to stay relevant and interesting for greater marketing success.

Pros of Facebook

You can create a strong bond with your audience, and carry out conversations that would lead to customer loyalty and satisfaction. Facebook gives you the opportunity to invite your audience to your business events, which is a great way to get the word out there.

It’s one of the best tools you could use for boosting your customer service. Chat with followers, respond to critics humbly and fix issues in the best way you can with Facebook chat and call features.

Drive traffic to your website by posting valuable content, sharing photos and inserting links to your posts. Running a contest through Facebook can also go viral, which is a great way to gain reach. When properly it can get you thousands to millions of re-shares.


It is easy for critics and annoyed customers to ruin your reputation on Facebook very quickly. Anyone can post on your public Facebook page and discredit you. It is also rather costly to run ads on Facebook. If you want organic marketing, hiring a Facebook marketer can be pretty expensive.

the pros and cons of Facebook marketing.

How to do Facebook marketing

After learning the pros and cons of Facebook marketing, it’s time to consider your strategy. If you’re addicted to numbers, but do not give the same level of interest on the marketing message, you’re doing it all wrong. Analytics itself do not guarantee success. It is also important to note that you cannot promote a product or service and blame Facebook for inefficiencies.

So, if your engagement is down and no one seems to be taking your offer, no matter how enticing it sounds, then some things are amiss. It could be because you posted a vague message, at the wrong time, with the wrong visual content or it’s simply because your post didn’t get enough exposure. Or, maybe there is something wrong with the Facebook campaign itself.

Are you promoting your content well? Or, are you too focused on getting sales that you left out small details that will generate high response? If so, it’s getting a perfect score in a test, without a name on it. Check your post again, is the URL of your website correct?

the pros and cons of Facebook marketing.

Facebook is a tremendously effective marketing tool and many businesses have seen a great deal of success from it. But, every social media marketing strategy needs to be developed and carefully laid out before you start implementing them. Remember that a Facebook user has to deal with a very crowded Facebook home page, with feeds from friends and sponsors. And, it is detrimental for any brand to assume that all posts would grab a user’s interest.

A good social media strategy includes complete details on how to reach various consumers across multiple social networking channels. It must also have a strong and consistent communication system and a sound evaluation plan that would determine the need for repetition or alteration of previous marketing strategies.

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