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Being able to create a successful online ad is very important in this day and age. A highly successful online ad is one which you cannot look away from, no matter the circumstances.

Advertising, in general, is about passing information about your product or services that could meet their needs. But, over the years, ads do more than that. It capitalises on human emotions, tells good stories and put your product or services next to things that you feel good about. It even goes far as showing your brand along with your causes, deepest aspirations or conflicts. In short, advertising uses affective conditioning or enabling your viewers to transfer their feelings from your brand to things you’d like them to think about.

With these things in mind, how can you create an effective ad campaign?

Here are tips on how to create a successful online ad:

Use Emotional branding

It is not enough that we give objective facts about our products or services. People need to feel good about our brand as well. Life is already complicated, hectic and fast-paced. So, we have to give them the ability to confidently choose an option that feels really good. Plus, people tend to share something when they’re happy or if they empathize with you. The same goes for buying.

Often, we use our emotions in making decisions. While we like to think things thoroughly, sometimes, we don’t have the luxury of time, not the interest to do so. But, if a product or service gets our attention we usually buy it.  The same thing goes to an ad that we can relate to, or stirs inner feelings that make us feel better about ourselves or gives us hope.

Improve Visual Marketing

You don’t have to be an artist or a topnotch photographer to create a successful online ad. In fact, you only need to follow these three steps:

First, identify the relationship between your product and the image you intend to use

Second, study the context in which to place your image

Third, choose a relevant image.

In visual marketing, you are simply using the image to convey the message of the campaign. It is a fusion of the brand and the message. They have to be so related and inseparable that people who saw them will take them in as a whole package. For example, what comes to your mind when you think of Chilli Dee? Perhaps you think of chili pepper that adds zest or spiciness to dishes– a spice used by people who are brave enough to put fire on their tongues. Now, that’s the same message of Chilli Dee. It makes powerful and memorable digital marketing campaigns. Thus, Chilli Dee’s company tagline, “spicy digital experience”.

In visual marketing, you are harnessing the power of images to turn your concepts into concrete visuals to persuade your target viewers. You let people know your product through their eyes. That’s why, it is important to ensure that your visual content like a logo, website design, blog images and similar things represent your brand well.

Boost up content marketing

Publish content and create and share media. That’s what content marketing is all about. You attract and retain customers by offering useful content in the form of blogs, how-to guides, e-books, and more.

By putting more content on your site, you are giving your target market more opportunities to stick around and know your brand. As they get familiar with your brand, you will also get their trust; it is not surprising if your conversion rates increase shortly thereafter. Producing high-quality content can also help your web page rank for more search queries, especially if you use both short and long-tail keywords that your target market usually search for.  Content marketing also helps you earn customer loyalty, especially if your produce useful and relevant content that your customers use as their main source of information.

Content syndication

Do you want to increase your online ad’s exposure? Syndicate your content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media sites. It will not only help you reach your circle of followers, but also give your followers the opportunity to share your content with their connections.

Create a successful online ad design

First and foremost, give a strong and irresistible offer.

Remember, that people want to buy something because it is their idea, not because they were sold.

For example, if I sell you a shirt for $100 and tell you every good feature it has compared to other brands, would you buy it if you only have $200 in your wallet? But, if I tell you that my company is fundraising for a cause really close to your heart, would you think about it? In the same way, if you’re a SaaS company – it is advisable not to sell first. Instead, offer free trials, free download, e-books and the like to entice your targets to buy your products without actually directly selling to them.

What about tips on how to create a successful online ad, on a budget?

There are two types of online ads-paid ones and organic online ads. While paid advertisements over the internet are incredibly costly, organic online advertising is cost-effective, if not totally free.

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