What No Black Hat Strategies Mean In SEO

What No Black Hat Strategies Mean In SEO

Wherever your digital marketing strategy is, bear in mind that your ultimate goal is to make your costumers fall in love with your product, and stay loyal to you brand.  Such goal requires everybody; participation-from the top management down to the customer service employee. Aim for good or excellent customer experience to prevent your consumers from doing business with a competitor because of a poor customer experience, and solidify your relationship with them in a powerful and meaningful way. Here’s how –


Don’t deceive your site visitors:

That’s what no black hat strategies mean in SEO. Treating your customers right starts with legitimate techniques to get higher search rankings. Such as quality and practical content.

Don’t create completely useless content which is stuffed with keywords just to rank high in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Never write lists of keywords in invisible text just to attract more search engine spiders and resist the temptation of creating doorway pages or “fake” pages to trick search engines.

Those black hat techniques are unethical, deceitful and they break the rules and regulations of search engines. Aside from getting penalised, you also run the risk of losing potential customers.


Make your customers feel like their opinions matter:

In essence, Search Engine Optimisation means making the most out of the search engine’s features to reach out to your target market. It is your way of connecting with people. The content must speak for itself. It needs to create an environment where people could freely relate to, give feedback and refer it to someone who might be interested.

Whenever someone gives you the impression that they want to listen, you are somehow urged to talk to them, to confide in them. Indulging into a two way dialogue might just be one of the main keys to solidifying your relationship with your customers.

Taking their requests and feedback into consideration and acting upon them will show them that their opinion actually matters.  Look at your blog post—does it allow consumers to react, give comments or to at least share on social media? Or, do you have social media accounts at all? After all, getting customers is the main essence of your business. Some campaigns could be held when asking feedback from your customers, which may include:

  • Surveys – they revolve around things that might need improvement,
  • Suggestion boxes on your website – if you don’t have one its best if you add one upon reading this, or
  • Customer Service – which really focuses on fulfilling whatever the customer’s wants and tending to their needs.


Remember that Customers are always right:

let this be your guiding principle when doing business and marketing online. As far as the saying goes, and no matter what the circumstance, they really are. That’s because they see your business from a different perspective. They see the flaws, the things that need to be fixed and the areas that need improvement. As mentioned in number 2, asking for their opinions is necessary if you want to know the things that need upgrading in your business.

When some suggestions get out of hand – which means that there may be some that include a bad comment about your service. Replying a quick ‘Thanks or we’ll take it into consideration’ is necessary.

Don’t lose your cool when reading comments like these because as mentioned before, may it be in a different circumstance or not, they are always right. Make sure your customer service isn’t rude or misbehaved.

Even if some comments like these appear on your screen, you still need to give the people who sent them respect. They’re still your customers, and losing them might not be good for your business.


Boost sales by delivering topnotch service:

If you want your marketing efforts to produce big returns, make sure that all your marketing tactics are geared towards raising not only the revenue. But, the bottom-line profits as well, through the delivery of topnotch services that boosts customer retention and loyalty.

While you can attract customer attention and interest through colourful, cool or powerful marketing ads and sensitive campaigns, the personal selling process goes beyond persuasion.

Follow-up, concerned and genuine customer service and persuasive campaigns for returning customers helps you convert anyone into profitable and loyal customers.


Adapt potent SEO tactics competitive businesses use this year:

Create timeless, quality content, integrate solid keyword research and management and update your website regularly.

You content must always be fresh, straight from the oven of great minds and sweetly offered on a silver platter for your best clients. Integrate social media to make your content available to as many potential clients as possible, anytime, anywhere. While link-building is still a good tactic, nothing beats blogging relevant and substantive content which is available on mobile and local search.


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