What’s the Best Search Engine (besides Google) this 2017?

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The way we deal with life is not just based on common sense and personal experience or observation but what we learn from others; be it through personal conversation or on the web pages. Sometimes we like to learn new things to support conflicting theories about what is the best option or what will work for us in a particular situation. We compare things and analyze them. Sometimes, we just need something from the information-packed worldwide web-perhaps to fill the gaps in knowledge or theories.  That’s why it is important to find the best search engines besides Google to get relevant information that Google removes.

Here are some Google alternatives to help you make the most of your online search experience.


Bing, a recent incarnation of Microsoft is a practical Google alternative, because of its distinctively layered presentation of search results. It aims to provide better views and results for its users as it leverages social networking.

Search results include posts from Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites. In fact, the moment you start typing keywords or key phrases, you are most likely to see sites that your Facebook friends searched. It was made possible by Facebook Connect which gives a Facebook user the option to share his or her searches with Facebook friends.

Bing has impressive media features, with its Video thumbnail Preview. You just have to hover over a video thumbnail, and it will start playing automatically. Even the image search was made easy with its continuous scrolling images results page with adjustable settings for color, size, and etcetera. You can also refine search results using the advanced filters based on facial features recognition, image, ratio, color, size, and other properties.

If you are searching for more personalized local info such as current traffic information, restaurants and services, coupons and deals and business listings, Bing provides localized search results for you. In fact, it goes as far as showing the movies playing in your area, local restaurant reviews and detailed search page for hotels with extended information on its directions, reservations, amenities, and parking. With these features at hand, it is not surprising that many companies choose Bing. Actually, Apple is now using Bing as its web search engine for iOS 7 and up and iPhone 4S or up.

Yahoo! Search

Yes, definitely. Two is stronger and more potent than one-as Yahoo! Search partnered up with Microsoft to use Bing to power its own Web search. Taking advantage of Bing’s language translation features, Yahoo! Search now provides access to 38 International languages. What’s more, it is the search engine that comes with Mozilla Firefox-a company move to ensure that you get a wealth of information on various topics around the world.

Yahoo! Search has a time-saving feature called, Yahoo Shortcuts. It is a selection-based search feature that enables you to start searching the web by using only your mouse and receive search suggestions while you are using Yahoo Mail or other Yahoo properties. So, if you simply want to open your email but you need to do some search online, Yahoo Shortcuts will do the job for you. You can also search for videos, images, Yahoo Answers, local shopping, travel, and other services on it’s About Yahoo Search page.

Does it mean that Yahoo and Bing offer identical result? No, Yahoo retained its own features and upgraded them by using Bing and offering up data in a different angle.


If you are a privacy-minded web user, DuckDuckGo is a safer search engine that prevents advertisers from having access to your personal information. It does not store the users’ IP addresses, does not log your user information.  It educates you on how to keep your online presence private and to keep out of tracking that violates your privacy. If you want to conduct an anonymous search, you can use its Tor network feature.

You can expect refined search engine results that exclude results from websites that are considered as content mills. This is how DuckDuckGo ensures that low-quality content that were just designed to rank highly in Google’s search index will not appear in your search results.

Like Yahoo! Search and Bing, you also get instant answers plus indexed search results. The Instant Answers feature enables users to search for information on the search result page itself without having to click any link. You can also quickly and easily access conversion tools, geography, and other vital information users typically look for online.

Bottom line

Now that you have seen the best search engine (besides Google) which of these search engines has sparked up your interest?

The main advantage of having Google alternatives is that you can conduct an in-depth search and enjoy the opportunity of understanding data in a different perspective.

Sometimes, people are not 100% satisfied of search results. And in some cases, you may not exactly find what you are looking for. But these Google alternatives give you options to satisfy your curiosity and fill your need for useful, valid and accurate information.

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