Why UX & UI Is Important In Website Design


Why UX & UI Is Important In Website Design


UI or User Interface refers to the aesthetic value of your app or online platform. On the other hand, UX or User Experience is what makes them usable. UX is the digital experience that helps us actually process the huge amount of online data through well-designed, appealing and eye-catching online platforms. It is what every web creator thinks about when planning to bring life to a top quality website, or to keeps users from having bad online experiences.  It is what makes you feel comfortable and convenient when visiting a particular website. UI makes the platform appealing to the eyes. It focuses on these 3 factors:

  • Branding
  • Graphic design
  • Interactivity

This means that anything visual that appears on screen like buttons and text, and their locations as well picture sizes, gradient and texture refer to UI. It is UX that refines the visual execution and functions that support it.


What Makes A Good UX Design?

First, it uses effective and practical approaches and methods, which tailor and customise a website for its target market. If you’re selling to a group of professionals, you don’t design a website which has intricate features that only teenagers would appreciate. Your online platform must appeal to your type of audience; otherwise, visitors would skip it for something better.  User experience is the major factor that determines the effectiveness of a particular online platform. When you are satisfied with your experience, you will visit the site once again. But, if it is too hard to navigate, you wouldn’t waste another minute of your time to go back to it.


What Type of UX brings Customer Satisfaction?

An online platform must be—

  • Easy to Navigate: Unless your user is a computer genius, there’s no need to complicate the design of your website.
  • Simple to Operate: Who wants to spend more than a minute trying to figure out where the menu is? Online shoppers are not looking forward for a time-consuming scavenger hunt. In fact, with the advanced features of computers nowadays, they want to get the information in less than a second. If they don’t, they’ll proceed to another site.
  • Offers a Strong Selling Point: If you’re not offering your users some type of advantage or benefit, why would they want to stay there in the first place? Take a look at Facebook. It has great features that keep viewers glued to it for hours. They want to look at their friends’ photos, post on their timeline, do some video calls, or chat with anyone—those are the things that provide great user experience.


Why is UX Important?

It Makes the Online Platform or App, Usable: It’s not enough that your platform is app is good looking, what matters most is whether or not your potential customers can quickly learn how to use to without outside help.


It Facilitates Internet Promotion of Business: A UX designer is not only focused on the development of a business’ digital resources, but it also facilitates easier and less-complicated business processes. Remember that every enterprise has its own communication and marketing’s system—when websites and application have great UX design, it is easy to streamline communication from the top management to the rank and file. Corporate tasks would be easier too, and even internet promotions services will not take so much time anymore. A good example is when a company uses a website which has manageable features designed not only for the viewers but for every member of the company itself.


It Organises Content and Favours Users of Intricate or In-Depth Online Platforms: If you could please the most critical user, then you got yourself an indispensable UX expert. Influencers, professors and consultants in any field want to learn something that they can share with their clients. If you have valuable content, make sure that it is also easy to navigate.


It Provides Lasting First Impressions to Potential Clients: How do you create a name for yourself in this competitive online world of business? You need a powerful impression, through your website. If you offer a well-designed platform with top-notch UX and authority content, there’s no reason why you cannot beat your competitors.


Why is UI important?

Brands with high-quality visual designs–get customers attention and easily climb on top of the competition—but UX makes them stay there.  Well-planned UI include graphics, marketing materials, logos and icons on websites, apps, mobile devices that reflects the brand’s message and increases the aesthetic value of the product.



There is no single formula for online success—but an integration of various methods to achieve your business goals. Start-ups should not just focus on designs, but on everything else that contribute to the increase of market base and profit. Build your reputation; grow your brand and expand using sweeping UI and UX, as well as competitive and informative content that will boost the authority of your site.

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