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This digital marketing portfolio consists of work in a range of businesses in a range of industries all with the goal of increasing brand awareness, lead generation, SEO, content creation, Google ads, Facebook marketing and social media marketing. Our digital marketing portfolio reflects work and sucess stories over the past year or so.
ALC Commercial Finance
Rebranding, web design and development, social media, Google Adwords, SEO, email marketing
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Around Midnight Directory
Brand development, logo design, website design and development,social media marketing, SEO, content creation, blogging.
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Australian Lending Centre
Branding, web design and development, lead generation, Googgle Adwords, Facebook ads and content, Instagram content, blogging, email marketing.
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Adult Press Online Magazine
Brand development, web design and development, Instagram strategy, Facebook ads, SEO, copywriting, content creation, influencer outreach, sponsorship opportunities.
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Debt Consolidation
Branding, web design and development, lead generation, Googgle Adwords, Facebook ads and content, Instagram content, blogging, email marketing.
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Knead It Or Knot
Brand development, web design and development, Instagram strategy, Facebook ads, SEO, copywriting, content creation.
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Bad Credit Loans
Branding, web design and development, lead generation, Googgle Adwords, Facebook ads and content, Instagram content, blogging, email marketing.
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Clean Credit
Web design, branding, SEO, social media, email marketing, lead generation, Google Adwords.
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Adult Services Directory and Blog
Brand development, logo design, website design and development,social media, influencer outreach, link building, marketing, SEO, content creation, blogging.
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Adult Toy Store
Brand development, logo design, website design and development, e-commerce, social media marketing, SEO, influencer outreach, content creation, blogging.
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ChilliDee's digital marketing portfolio creativity integrated branding stunning web design web development social media marketing Facebook ads Google Ads proven SEO quality content smart blogging dynamic video animation

Digital marketing: recent work portfolio creativity branding web design web development social media marketing Facebook ads Google Adwords SEO content blogging video and animation

Australian Lending Centre: project overview

ChilliDee Digital Marketing were asked to create a modern and fresh brand identity that reflected the colour of Australia and our largest currency colours. This was a no brainer, as the green and gold work for both.

Website design and development

Our next phase was to design and develop a clean and fresh website design, specifically designed to create leads and rank extremely well for search engine optimisation (SEO). By creating many pages, designed to help customers make responsible borrowing choices, as well as a rich and diverse blog, and implementing best practice SEO, we were able to create a site that  generated impressive leads and conversion rates in 2019 which is continuing through into 2020.

The challenge

Australian Lending Centre is always evolving in terms of branding, web design, website development and quality content for blog posts, social media, social media advertising and Google Adwords.  

Digital marketing solution

Chilli Dee continued building links, tweaking on-site SEO and improving conversion optimization through A-B testing for ALC. Nowadays, Australian Lending Centre ranks for over 4.1K keywords on Google’s Top 10 pages.

Adult online magazine project overview

Adult Press is Australia’s hottest network for all adult services, establishments and everything newsworthy in the adult world. Adult Press is Australia’s only digital adult news source, bringing the Australian adult industry together like never before. As their slogan goes, “Sometimes controversial, always entertaining”.

The Challenge

Chilli Dee has worked on the backend of Adult Press website’s development to ensure smooth functionality as well as creating a clean and modern front end design that draws in the customer. The evolutionary nature of Adult Press means that Chilli Dee is always thinking of ways to improve functionality.

ChilliDee solution

We have done extensive SEO work on our client’s website. For example, Adult Press appears on the first page of Google for search terms like “adult entertainment”, “adult events” and many more. The Adult Press team together with our Chilli Dee writers regularly update blogs with relevant commentary on topics that are important to the Adult Press’ audience, as well as manage their social media accounts. As part of our influencer outreach program we sponsored the XAwards last year, and are currently running a series of stories about the winners.

ALC Commercial project overview

ALC Commercial is the sister site of Australian Lending Centre. ALC Commercial targets a niche audience of business owners, which is different from Australian Lending Centre’s original business model.

The challenge

Our task was to harness the new commercial market with a related but unique brand identity that was consistent with the style of the original Australian Lending Centre yet still unique to their expanding business.

Digital marketing solution

We began with logo design, website design & development, and writing tailored content for business owners. We created a website with full of call to actions with conversion in mind. ChilliDee also works on social media management, reputation management, Google Adwords and Facebook advertising as well as email campaigns.

Around Midnight project overview

Around Midnight is a revolutionary platform that lets customers look for escorts, brothels, stripclubs and erotic massage parlours in the world range.

The challenge

Chilli Dee faced the challenge of building a website differently from all the existing adult platforms in the market with the functions of search, listing, fitlers, and mobile-friendly.

Digital marketing solution

Chilli Dee figured out a unique way for designing, developing and presenting the platform, and also combinethe third-party resources to enhance the website usability and readibiltiy.
In addition, we currently take care of the SEO Ranking to track its constantly outstanding performance.

Finance company project overview

Bad Credit Loans offers loans for people with poor or bad credit. Chilli Dee built Bad Credit Loans from scratch, designing the logo, designing the website, developing it to perfection and ticking all the right SEO boxes.

The challenge

Chilli Dee finished the website within one month, and continuously creating weekly unique written content for the website. Chilli Dee was up to a new challenge of boosting faster traffic growth.

Digital marketing solution

Chilli Dee redesigned the website, including on-page SEO and conversion rate optimization, overall performance and user experience improvement. Currently, the Organic Traffic has increased by over 48,000% since it first launched in 2014 and climbing.

Credit repair project overview

Clean Credit prides itself on being Australia’s leading credit repair services company, monitoring competitors closely to ensure that CC are always offering the best possible service and value to clients with their 100% removal fee money back guarantee. We communicate this with visual cues such as infographics and icons, as well as success stories on the website, social media and in blogs.

The challenge

ChilliDee was challenged with presenting the importance of a clean credit rating to the public. That is a way of helping the company to seize the target segments, and standing out from the competitors. One of the difficulties in this industry is reputation, so we are alway looking for new ways to reinforce the professionalism of this company, through impressive verified reviews and genuine testimonials. Advertising also posed several challenges with strict standards imposed last year by Google adwords. As a result of this we continued to focus on SEO and effective promotional methods, such as email marketing to their database.

Digital marketing solution

Chilli Dee has done several versions to constantly improve the user-friendly interface, we also take care of the extensive SEO work on our client’s website, including writing the content of the website.

Massage services project overview

Knead It Or Knot is a mobile massage therapy business that operates in Sydney. Alexia is a qualified massage therapist, she offers a range of therapeutic styles, including deep tissue, relaxation and hot stone fusion massage.

The challenge

Chilli Dee is up to the challenge of presenting the passion of Alexia to help and provide services in a professional, holistic experience.

Digital marketing solution

Chilli Dee started the project before the business running. Every detail has been treated carefully from every aspects of the company related to the marketing, including:

  • logo and brand development
  • website design
  • website content writing
  • website development
  • wellbeing blog copywriting
  • SEO
  • social media content and management.
Adult services directory project overview

This site is a adult entertainment directory for discerning clients and advertisers. The key is to make listing, advertising and searching for adult establishments easy and quick as well as having a pleasant user experience.

The challenge

ChilliDee needed to build a website, blog and directory, with extensive SEO factors, able to be used on all devices. 

Digital marketing solution

We created the site with a robust platform, optimised for mobile and desktop devices, with a custom built advertising area, with inbuilt statistics for advertisers. The site is extremely poplular and ranks in the top ten for all the relevant keywords and attracts a great deal of highly targeted traffic from Australia and internationally. We are always adding to the blog content, updating the pages to suit the changing SEO landscape, ensuring best practice is followed always.

Social media for the adult industry is challenging and we are extremely knowledgeable about the rules of every platform, ensuring continued activity and adherence to guidelines. 

Adult toy store project overview

There was a very clear mood for Me & Mrs Jones, which is an e-commerce site. Our team brought that idea from a conversational brainstorm of concepts with our client, through to the intuitive and elegantly designed ecommerce website that it is today, with unique branding to make it stand out amongst competitors.

The challenge

Many adult stores lack the finesse of other e-commerce stores and we were asked to make it an adult toy store to rival a fashion website, so shopping was a pleasurable and comfortable experience for people of all genders and tastes.

Digital marketing solution

We have developed all branding materials from the logo, billboards, posters, business cards, flyers through to an e-commerce website, with quality photography, graphics and a multitude of features such as wishlists, sharing features and a blog.

ChilliDee also developed the social media content and uses clever SEO to assist with the promotion of the website.

The website has been built so that it is easy to update products, content and blog posts.

Debt consolidation company project overview

Debt Consolidation targets a very specific audience of people in debt and looking for debt consolidation loans. The aim of Chilli Dee is to help them expand their business and increase brand strength.

The challenge

Chilli Dee was ready to go ahead first and help market the brand with an identity that indicated exactly what kind of the company they were and became the leader of debt consolidation loans specialists.

Digital marketing solution

Chilli Dee started with brand development, including logo design as well as the website design and web development. We continue to take care of the blogs on the website that write tailored content for Australians in debt, as well as Google Adwords and Facebook advertising.

Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.

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