Digital Marketing

How effective are hashtags in social media
Digital Marketing

How successful are hashtags in marketing?

Ever since Internet Relay Chats introduced hashtags into the market, they have been spreading everywhere. You can now see them even on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. But how

traditional marketing
Digital Marketing

Is traditional marketing / advertising dead?

In this digital world where customers are spending more time on mobile and internet use than reading newspapers, watching television and listening to radios– is it possible that traditional marketing is already dead?

uber location services
Digital Marketing

Have Uber location services gone too far?

Last week we wrote about the pros and cons of DuckDuckGo, the unique and not widely known search engine. Today we ask, does Uber location services serve as an invasion

digital strategist guide
Digital Marketing

A digital strategist guide to marketing

As a digital strategist, how do you respond to a digital question? We live in an age where competitors outsmart each other through a digital strategy–a management approach, or

pr and marketing

Public relations PR versus marketing

In the marketing parlance, public relations refer to the process of informing the public so that they will view your products or brand favourably. Marketing goes beyond the spreading

Instagram marketing
Social media

The pros and cons of Instagram marketing

Instagram is no doubt the king of today’s social-scape. Now owned by social networking giant Facebook, Instagram and Facebook collectively hold the largest pool of users. That’s why many

Duck duck go
Digital Marketing

What is Duck Duck Go?

If you think we forgot “ose” in duck duck goose, then you’d be mistaken. We’re talking about DuckDuckGo, the unique and not widely known search engine.

link building
Digital Marketing

Link building for digital marketing

Link building helps search engines analyse how popular your website’s web pages are, and whether it is an authority site that people trust or just spam. Simply by looking

Viral marketing campaign
Digital Marketing

A successful viral marketing campaign

How to create a successful viral marketing campaign. Here are all the features you need to know to stand out in today’s competitive climate. A viral marketing campaign is

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