Why Google Analytics is important in digital marketing

Google analytics for small sydney business

Want to know why Google Analytics is important in digital marketing? There are four important factors in successful marketing campaigns that Google Analytics can answer for you.

Track visitors of your website

It is very important to know where your visitors come from to know if your campaigns are reaching the geographical location you intended. Google Analytics stats show you the breakdowns of places from cities/towns up to continents to help you identify your website audience. It uses the visitor’s IP addresses and ISP to trace their locations.

Why is location data important? This data is useful for designing your marketing and advertising strategy. So, whether you are interested in reaching the global audience or maybe in specific countries and cities, Google Analytics can be a good starting point for your actions.

Which of your marketing efforts are actually working? 

Google Analytics shows you how your visitors landed on your website. Did your visitors find your site through Twitter, Facebook or from other referrals? By using it you can assess whether the marketing strategy is doomed or successful. Therefore, your findings can help you reach and serve your customers better by identifying the channels they are using to find the products or services they need.

For example, 9% of your website visitors found you through Instagram, while 50% used Facebook. Naturally, you will focus your efforts on Facebook, while keeping an eye on favourable strategies that could increase the engagement and referral on Instagram. From then on, you can integrate important marketing activities across the said channel (in the given example, Facebook) and align your strategies with the goals and values of your business.

If you have started with your social media marketing, SEO and other strategies, you can use it to monitor early indicators of the strategy faltering or going down.

What web browser should you focus on? 

Google Analytics shows you exactly what web browsers your visitors are using to find your website.

Some websites work well with a particular browser but badly on another. A browser’s capabilities may differ from the other, no matter how minor they are. Knowing what browser brings your visitors to your site will help you work on adjusting your website to work well on that browser.


What are the keywords that your visitors used for them to get to your website? You will know whether your keyword strategy is keeping you on the right track.

Keyword analysis is all about knowing what is important to your visitors. When you know what your audience wants, you can create interesting content around it and eventually add value to your website. With fresh and engaging content, your audience will be back for more and probably refer you to other potential customers. Keyword analysis also increases conversion, gets insights into marketing trends and help you find more keyword queries and eventually discover new leads.

So all in all, why is Google Analytics important in digital marketing? Well, it’s the key to successful data-driven marketing online and it will always give you a better picture on the whole. Get on it, get to know it and make it your best friend. You won’t regret it.

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