Conversion rate optimisation best practices: a beginner’s guide


Creating a conversion rate strategy can be scary for newbies considering that a simple glitch can hurt your business. Conversion rates may go up and down depending on the conversion rate optimisation best practices you implement.

All conversion strategies have their own risks. The key is in taking calculated risks that would help you explore new possibilities. But take note that they have to be specifically tailored for your website’s unique visitor.

Here are some of the conversion rate optimization best practices to help entrepreneurs improve the leads, sales and eventually profits of their websites.

Simplify your form fields

Don’t add another form field to be filled in especially if your target customers are busy individuals. Why not stick to at least 4 form fields which are enough to gather the information you need. This strategy will not only increase conversion rate but boost the customer experience as well. Don’t make it hard for your consumers to do business with you. The simpler it is the better.

Highlight your call-to-action button

It can be green, red, blue or whatever colour that you may seem fit, as long as the colour looks better than the background of your web page. The idea is for the CTA to stand out. So if you can use a colour which is different from all the colours in your web page, then it will not be difficult to draw your customers’ attention to the CTA button.

Use original photos

There’s nothing wrong with using stock photos-they have good quality after all. But, if you can post a photo of your team or the ones that you took yourself, the more credible your web page will become. While stock photos are good for the eyes, people who want to do business with you need an assurance that they are dealing with a credible business. That means your team’s photos speak more about your credibility than a stock photo they have seen elsewhere. So, if you have a picture of your company’s founder, your employees or yourself, post it. Your business not only becomes credible but relatable as well the moment you do that.

Let them know what to expect when they click the CTA button

Your call to action should tell your visitors what they are getting at. So, instead of saying, contact us for details-add something or replace it with a promise of what they can get. For example, get started in boosting your conversion today. With the word get started as the CTA. You also have to make sure that the link in your CTA button leads them to the right form or page.

Create a clear and Interesting headline

A landing page must have a clear headline which gives visitors of what you have in store for them. It can increase signups because the message is clear outright. So make sure that you get the headline right. A word or two can make a difference.

Discover which of these conversion rate optimisation best practices suit your business well.

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