4 Web Marketing Tips To Optimize Conversion

Web Marketing

Web marketing has three-fold purposes: acquire customers, reduce promotional cost and improve customer satisfaction. Learn why businesses are doing everything they can to improve their online marketing campaigns and how you can leverage digital strategies to achieve your business goals.

First things first, web marketing is traditional marketing with a big twist. If you want to do it right, you need technology, powerhouse marketing staff and a great amount of creativity and patience. Here are some questions to begin with:

  • Are you planning to invest into a specialized marketing department to get leads flowing in your website with little effort on your part? If so, educate yourself on practical web marketing strategies to achieve a new level of business growth in this competitive digital world of business.
  • Do you know why it takes years to get a degree in marketing? It’s because marketing is a direct contact with people who have their own ideas and options about the utility of your products or services.
  • Why would I buy something that I can’t use? Or, why would I invest in a particular product which is still in its trial period? If you haven’t gained traction yet, then the road to attaining business growth will be a bit tricky. You need a sound marketing strategy that will incorporate both the traditional and digital marketing strategies that are vital in meeting your business goals.

Here are tips to grow your small business, starting today:

  1. 1. Organize your website’s design and content.

Hook your visitors with a good visual content. Are you strategically positioning your photos, blog articles or products where your visitors’ eyes will go first? You only have a few seconds to get their attention—remember that customers will not hang back on your site unless they see something interesting to keep them occupied.

Make sure that the colors, images and font size are easy on the eyes. Implement relevant, high-quality images to highlight your content. Pick simple fonts and layouts instead of fancy and confusing ones.

When it comes to blog articles-avoid long and bulky sections. Break up your articles into smaller sections. If possible, use bullet points to highlight ideas.

  1. Immediately send your message across. Your blog or website should state what it is all about. Let them know what you are selling the moment they click on your page. Limit the distractions in your site. If you have lots of ads, make sure that your visitor reads your content or sees what you are offering first, before those pop-up ads start coming up.
  2. Your page must instantly spell out your unique selling proposition clearly and briefly. Don’t expect your buyers to scroll down just to understand the details of your message. Put it in a prominent position in your page and make sure that you limit it in one sentence.

Let’s say, you’re in the credit repair business. Make sure that each page in your site contains a clear-cut message of what you are offering them. Put that message on top of your page, or whenever you’ll see fit-that will be clearly visible to your viewers.

  1. Tell people how doing business with you will meet their needs, give them their wants and make their lives better the moment they reach your site. Don’t use up the whole page for the features. While it is also important—the most important thing that you can do to make a sale is to let your visitors know that what you offer can help them reach their short-term or long-term goals. For example, while you may be too excited to talk about the latest features of your online shop, spend as much time as you can to create content explaining the benefits of your product or service. Keep the message short, probably in a few sentences or phrases. If they are truly interested, they’ll read the features one by one.

And, always provide a clear and prominent call to action. If you’re selling something, make sure that they can immediately buy the product move them along quickly by treating your website as if it is a “storefront” which attracts customers, makes a sale and keep them coming back for more.

Online Marketing is not an easy strategy…

Nothing is absolutely free nowadays. The cost of web design, content, online distribution, site maintenance and other costs factored in providing your services or products can break the bank. There are also many online scams and it’s difficult to gain the trust of your potential customers. It takes a lot of effort too, especially during the first few weeks of your marketing campaigns or when you are just introducing your band to the market. But, with the right marketing strategies, efficient and dedicated marketing staff, you’ll eventually succeed.

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