Ambient marketing: what you need to know

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If you’re running a business, you might have heard about ambient marketing and how startups seem to rule the market using this technique. Here’s a clear and concise discussion of this type of marketing and how you can use it to beat your competitors and increase your revenue.

What is ambient marketing?

Ambient marketing is a fast-growing marketing technique that involves putting a clear message about your brand in unusual places using the most applicable media available. For example, if you see the Chilli Dee logo, you would think of red pepper—it conveys passion, aggressive marketing and spicy techniques that won’t be ignored even by the most passive customer around.

Think of street signs, wall arts, and painting on trash bins and put an ad there to catch people’s attention. Some marketers make an object abnormally small or large—so don’t be surprised if you see an over-sized burger on top of a van, or small ketchup bottles on the streets.

Another example is when a plumber puts a sticker about his services on the wall of a public toilet –an unusual place you wouldn’t normally expect to see an ad. But, it is one of the best places where people, especially men would check-in. When you see the ad you would think about a brand or a thing in a different way—that’s how this type of marketing works.

It is ‘ambient’ in the sense that it is something unusual—but it is carefully thought out. It is a form of advertising and art combined—an intelligent concept of doing something strange so you can’t help but stop and look. In the end, it is merely a new alternative marketing strategy that is shocking or sometimes extremely hilarious with one goal in mind—brand awareness.

Marketing is creativity beyond the norm

Not every online business can hit an all-time high. In fact, many businesses have been interesting at first, but they weren’t able to capture the market’s attention and loyalty. Many companies have their own websites and they try to target their market with good content and unique media.  They also have offline marketing techniques that often cost them up to thousands of dollars. But, marketing has its unique rules in attracting a certain customer segment.

If you are doing online marketing, remember that attracting the internet public is so different from traditional and offline marketing. Digital marketing requires you to have the customers in mind from the creation of your website to SEO, so your strategy would emerge successfully. If you will simply design a website for the sake of putting the word out that your brand exists—you may find it hard to maintain your site’s visibility-knowing that there are many competitors out there, who don’t spare a dime in boosting their search engine rankings.

Hiring a digital marketing company for ambient marketing

Digital companies are there to ensure that you excel in search engine rankings—not only to maintain your visibility but to boost conversion as well. Attracting your target market is not the goal—it is only the means to an end—which is to convert them into paying customers. That’s why the website must be designed to attract and keep clients—and hopefully to make them your loyal brand ambassadors who would refer customers to your website.

But, not all digital marketers are cut to the chase. In fact, there are many spammers hurting the market—and if you deal with them your business may go downhill because you might lose your site’s credibility in the process.

How to hire a reliable digital marketing company

  1. Look for an agency that is experienced in creating and implementing ambient techniques that could put your business not only in the spotlight but in you customers’’ credit card bills. They must have proven themselves in drawing and keeping customers.
  2. The marketing team understands how the online world of marketing works. They know how your website could perform well, and how your business can be a household name using traditional offline marketing techniques. They are professionals with enough knowledge, skills and experiences in handling small and big marketing issues that could make or break your brand.
  3. A team of experts — people who know exactly what they are doing. They don’t just provide content—they educate people. They don’t settle for entertainment—they take pleasure in seeing people happy and satisfied with your brand. When they design your website—they do so in a creative and intelligent way so as to let people know that your brand is worth patronising. These are people who understand that marketing is about building relationships with your target market—and building a character for your brand that people would trust.

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