How Effective are Digital Billboards?

Billboard Advertising

Are you still uncertain about the impact of the digital billboard on your marketing campaign? There are proofs everywhere for why digital marketing works best for companies seeking brand recognition, increased engagement, and improved brand loyalty. That’s why marketers who still use the digital billboard to promote their brands want to know if they are simply wasting money on this type of marketing.

The truth is that—digital billboards work for some, but not for every other business.

Companies are investing so heavily on outdoor campaigns. But the fact that your ads are seen outdoor doesn’t mean that people will actually visit your website and patronize your product. In the same way, a bakery that you see on a daily commute may not be your favorite bakery at all, and you may not even drop by even for once in your life to taste it’s bragged about “daily special”.  But, you can’t help noticing it right? You may have seen if the canvass faded and if the company decides to replace it with a new one.

That’s a lot of brand exposure don’t you think? So, it normal to assume that outdoor advertising still influences buyer’s behavior-especially those who spend almost 30 minutes on the streets due to traffic jams on their way to work.

In fact, a study conducted by The Arbitron National In-Car Study, a few years ago revealed that more than 50% of the surveyed learned about a restaurant and an event they went to through a billboard. More than 40% turned on a radio station while more than 30% watched the TV program they saw on the billboard. Sadly, less than 30 percent responded to the call to action by taking the website address and phone number of the company.

How effective is digital billboard advertising, really?

Digital billboard advertising work- only if you do it right. But, it fades in strength compared to digital marketing- which according to Metrics study, is responsible for over 51% improvement in ROI performance for outdoor advertising. That means-digital billboard advertising and digital marketing must go hand in hand.

It is not enough that a gigantic digital billboard screams your brand to every passerby. You need a little nudge every now and then from a tweet, Facebook status update, company update, Instagram share, SEO and the substantive- ever helpful and ever reliable blog.

Nowadays, the word-of-mouth persuasion from family and friends has gone up to a higher notch-instead of phone calls and casual gossips in the office and in family meetings and friendly dates-it’s in the social media now. Whatever is hot and trending, you name it-it’s there. Even the latest store, company and the sexiest lingerie are on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and so on.

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