Is there such Thing as Overnight Success in Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing Success

No one has become magically viral overnight and built up a massive fortune the next day unless you own the lottery. But, if you’re in business- you understand that making money takes more than luck-it consists of hard work, persistence, and courage to stand up and try again after failures.

Before there was Microsoft-there was a disappointment, but Bill Gates didn’t pack his bags and left his’ and Paul Allen’s experiment on the gutter. They persisted. When Colonel Sanders’ chicken recipe got rejected over a thousand times, he never stopped until it became KFC. There are thousands of success stories out there and one message is clear-don’t quit. So, what do these people teach us, digital marketers?

Strategic hard work

Every business has its own growth strategy. For example, the horizontal integration growth strategy is one of the most common strategies businesses use to save money. It usually involves merging of two or more businesses to improve communication within the business, build the company’s reputation and acquire more customers. But, when the other company fails, it could drag your brand’s reputation down with it.  Regardless of the strategy you implement, always remember its purpose–to achieve your business goals. So, how do you do it?

Maximize the strength of your business

If you want to be competitive in this digitally competitive market, remember these three important components of a sound marketing strategy, according to the Ansoff matrix:

  1. Customer: How do you plan to create brand awareness and encourage customer loyalty? What do they need, want and require?

Make sure that your social media marketing plan appeals to the needs and wants of your customers. Show them what they will miss if they don’t grab the opportunity of doing business with you. It’s like saying: I have what you need, I’m coming to you and I won’t leave till you get it. So, if you miss this chance you might regret it. That’s why you have SEO so they can find you; blog, videos and other visual and textual content so they’ll get engaged and a call to action to convince them to patronize your product or services.

  1. Corporation: What are the features of your business that you can use to beat your competitors and achieve your business goals? How can you use them to meet the needs and wants of your customers?

A business must answer or fill-in a demand. Without it, you cannot expect people to engage your service or use your products. Make sure that your marketing strategy capitalizes on these assets and shows people the real value of your brand. Let them see its usefulness and how it can help them in any way.

Some advertisers use stories about families and friendships to introduce a product that may seem to be remotely related to the story. But, if it appeals to human emotions-it would work, it will become vital and the company will become colossal in the next few years.


  1. Competitor: What are the strengths of your competitors? Learn from them. What are their weaknesses? Avoid or improve them. Look at their social media accounts. See how they are reacting to customers’ feedback and try to read reviews about them to know how to make it better.

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