Why Branding Really Matters

What is Branding?

Branding, in simple terms, means – building a reputation for your company. But, why does it matter?

Let’s take a look at the three major reasons why branding can add value to your business:

Brand recognition

Your brand stands out from the crowd of competitors because of the way you present it.

Can a customer quickly identify your brand because of its unique logo? Did you create a unique logo that serves as the face of your company? It may look simple, but remember that a logo must be powerful enough to leave a good impression about your business.

branding-mattersHere are tips to optimise brand recognition:

  • Be consistent in your designs. Choose only one set of colors and marketing standards that will show your consistency not only with the designs but with the message itself.
  • Brand integration. Make sure that every aspect of your business shows that you carry your brand message. Do you want to be known for your prompt services? Then, answer sales calls immediately, deliver the products on time, and never ever be late on your meetings.
  • Choose the voice of your company wisely. Are you friendly or formal? The voice of your company will be “heard” through all written communication visual imagery of your content on social media, paper and print, TV and radio ads and other channels.
  • Create a great logo and put it everywhere-on social media, streets and even on your employees’ t-shirts, if possible. The more they see it, the more they can recall it.
  • Create a memorable, meaningful and concise tagline that captures the audience and leaves a lasting impression.
  • Write down the attributes of your brand and tell your employees about it. What is the message of your brand? Make sure that everyone else working for you knows about it so that they can live up to the message. If you’re communicating a message about loving your pet, then make sure that no one in your company is cruel to animals.

Trust and Credibility

What sets a scam site from a reputable one? Its credibility. If you have a legitimate business it is important that your website, logo and all content you post are polished, legitimate and reliable.

It’s not easy to put your trust in a brand, especially if it is not dependable. So, it is important to be consistent in your message. Always meet consumers’ expectations and deliver what you promised.

Be persistent. If they don’t buy from you the first time, try employing different tactics to get their trust and don’t stop until they become your loyal customers. How many times have you passed by a restaurant before you finally decided to give it a try? Sometimes we make impulsive shopping decisions, but at other times—we study our options, and we finally yield to advertisements, especially if we cannot ignore the brand’s message anymore.


Do you want to get referral business? If you can’t recall a brand, no matter how good the product is, then it will be difficult for you to refer it to your friend or a family member. Make it easy for a satisfied customer to give you referrals through strong branding strategies that would definitely leave an impression in the mind of your customers. Take note that word of mouth referral is one of the cheapest and most powerful forms of advertising.

Integrate branding in your conversion strategies. Take time to fully understand your brand and how people see it. Make sure that all aspects of your company, from production, to marketing and customer service accurately represent your brand. And make a strategy that will help you best express it in order to realise your goals. It is also important to check out your competitors. What do they have that you don’t? And, what can you offer your consumers that these brands cannot?

Also, it is important to study not only the customer demographics but your target persona. Doing market research would be very useful at this stage. It will help you get to know your customers better. You can use your findings to formulate a branding strategy which is suited to their needs.

Bottom Line

Branding creates conversion and loyalty. But beyond that, it builds relationships, fosters trust and personal spaces no one else has the privilege to conquer. How many times have you felt your heart flutter upon seeing a particular advertisement on TV? What memories do you recall when you see a logo of your favorite food outlet? That’s what branding is all about. It goes beyond the logo, graphics and content. It speaks. It lives on even when there is only one satisfied customers who still uses it.

Let’s do marketing right. Let’s integrate branding and let people understand why your brand deserves a chance in their lives.

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