Marketing to the millennial generation

marketing to millennials

Generational marketing or segmentation according to the age of potential consumers is one of the most important marketing strategies used by entrepreneurs today and millennials are an interesting segment. The reason is obvious-people born within the same generation are shaped by the same events and developments, making it easier for marketers to create and implement a communication strategy to reach out to them. So, if you’re selling to Generation X, you have to know how to market to the millennial generation successfully.

Millennials vs Baby Boomers and Generation Xers

Baby boomers

People born in 1964 and below are Baby Boomers who are gradually embracing technology, especially social media. In fact, you’ll see them on Facebook, building lost or forgotten relationships. While they don’t appreciate Facebook ads flooding their home page, they are very open to marketing done in a personal way. So, don’t be surprised if they send you a message asking about your products on Facebook. If they’re a little impatient when you don’t answer right away, keep your cool. They don’t like robots to answer them. They prefer human connections. But, the moment you earned their trust, they may recommend you to their grandchildren and to everyone they know! So, is it safe to say that they’re after brand loyalty, cashback and up-sells? Yes! They are not afraid of commitment that’s for sure.

Generation X

generation x

If you’re marketing to Generation Xers or those born from 1966 to 1979, bear in mind that you’re dealing g with busy individuals. They are today’s parents, bosses, and homeowners who are either on the top of their career or juggling in between jobs. Some are planning for their retirement while others are still busy working to fund their child’s education, pay their mortgage or to get by. But, this is a social network active generation. They’re using technology almost the same way as millennials do. They make big shopping purchases online while making frequent trips to the malls. They like coupons, they respond well to email marketing and of course, social media marketing works for them.


Marketing millennials

But, Millennials are modern-day entrepreneurs, creative and productive workforce who are concerned about social issues, pop culture and social media. They were born after 1981. This is the generation that prefers a job they love than a job that gives them what they need. What does this mean for marketers? If you give them something they value-they’ll go for it, regardless of the cost. This is also a generation of backpackers who would rather stay as a nomad than to rot in a place they don’t feel comfortable at.

Here are some tips on how to market to the millennial generation.

  • Think of the next big thing that they will rave about. They want something new. The newer it is the more appealing it is for them. Whether it is a new experience, a new product or a new level of satisfaction-they will work. It doesn’t mean that you have to create a new product all the time. You can reinvent your marketing tactic so that your content looks fresh for their liking.
  • Create engaging social media content. They’re on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest and so on. Name any social network and they are there-just make sure that your content is worth sharing.
  • Connect with their favourite social media influencers. They love to follow their mentors. They share quotes, latest blogs and even reviews made by social influencers they look up to.

While not all millennials will respond in the same way, the above tips will work best on them. Learn more about how to market to the millennial generation in the most affordable and practical ways by calling Chilli Dee today.

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