2 Important Components Of A Successful Promotional Strategy

Promotional Strategy

A successful promotional strategy is one that introduces the brand and grows and retains its customer base. Learn how to promote your products and services in the most effective and powerful ways.

1. Introduction to target market/brand awareness

When you have just started a business, your main objective is to inform the target audience of its existence. Many businesses use traditional advertising such as radio, television, and magazine, to introduce their products or services to the public. Others use paid social media advertising. But, how do you communicate the benefit of your product or service clearly to the target market in the fiercely competitive world of digital media?

The hard truth is that simply putting ads on TV and radio and posting on social media, forums and online groups and sending emails and leaving them at that will not suffice. The marketing team has to be proactive when it comes to promotional strategy. And, you have to brace yourself because promotions can get expensive, unless you know the appropriate promotional tactics and solutions to consider.

Importance of product or service introduction

If you’re an entrepreneur, it is important to acknowledge the need to get your brand in front of potential customers. If you want to have a competitive advantage and to gain new customers and retain old ones, a strong set of promotional strategies will be indispensable.

Here are examples of the most effective promotional strategies you can use today:

  • Contests that don’t require a purchase

Your purpose is not to make money through a hard-sell promotion, but to bring attention to your services or product without being too obvious.

  • social-media-marketingSocial Media

Using Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and other social media networks is a great way to promote your new and old products and services in a more relaxed and interactive environment.

This is one of the cheapest forms of direct marketing. Social networks help you connect with thousands and probably millions of potential customers. Your aim should be to let them view your company as a brand that tries to help and connect with people. Than a company that tries to hard sell and make money out of their needs or wants.

It is a good medium to get in touch with your target market on a more personal level. Lessen the wall between the company and the buyer Make them feel comfortable with your company.

  • Customer Appreciation Day

You don’t have to create a huge in-store customer appreciation event with free food and giveaways. A simple thank you e-mail, a blog article that expresses your gratitude for their loyalty and simple freebies or discounts on your products or services can already promote your brand.

  • After-Sale Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Contacting customers by e-mail or ask them to fill-up the review or feedback form not only to gather information about marketing. Ask questions related to the way your customers feel about your brand.

It is also a great tool to promote your company as one that strives to provide topnotch services or products to its customers.

2. Growth: Customer loyalty

When you finally get the customers to buy from you or avail of your services the next challenge is how to instill a genuine loyalty that will keep you ahead of your competitors.

The Internet made it difficult for businesses to achieve customer loyalty. Your competitors are only a click away. They have access to loads of information about your business, and what other people think about it. The key here is creating a topnotch customer service that ensures customer satisfaction.promotional-strategy

While you cannot please every customer. It is vital for the marketing team to work together with the customer service department to ensure that you’re on the same page.

Otherwise, the marketing team might be so busy building bridges while the customer service fails to keep it up and grow it.

A shopper is more than willing to stick with a brand that delivers what it promised. Go beyond in creating an excellent customer service experience.

So, what makes up a successful promotional strategy that fosters customer loyalty?

First, promotional strategy must put emphasis on relationship building. People need people, and not robots. We need to feel cared for, or at least recognized as a breathing customer with real needs and wants. That’s why many of us may have ditched a superior product for a less superior one for a better customer service experience.

Second, deliver exactly what you have promised. If there are issues that made it difficult or impossible to do, apologise and make up for it as soon as you can. Let them know that you value the relationship more than your profits. It’s because while money makes your business go round, it’s the customers that feed it.

Third, provide flawless customer service after the sale, to show that you care about what they think. Also to show that you truly care about their satisfaction with your service.

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