5 SEO Marketing Tips Content Creators Should Not Ignore

Do you want to get on top of the search engines’ search results pages? Boost your online traffic strategy with these five easy ways to compel search engines to show the world your content.

  1. Write relevant content

What is your keyword or topic in mind? Address it with concise and useful information. Search engines try to show the most relevant information to users, so if you want to stay on top, avoid flawed or unreliable content.

Consumers are often flooded with online and offline content every single day. That’s why, as customers, we developed the habit of unconsciously filtering information for their authenticity. We want content that is not only authentic in the way it was delivered, but also carries believable information.

Content is relevant when it is consistent with the message of the brand and is also very appropriate in the current social and economic situation. The brand’s employees and followers must also share the same message. The reason is simple—with all the spam messages flooding our social media feeds, we want something authentic. It’s because, consumers tend to hold the brands accountable in adding valuable content that consumers can connect with, believe and trust.

  1. Create long-form content

Google prefers content packed with information to satisfy the searcher’s curiosity. Write long-form in-depth content that will answer the searchers’ questions. You can start with an 800-word blog post and move on to a free e-book for your loyal customers.

For example, if you’re in the business of helping startups, write a guide for starting a business that can seriously help your readers. Pack it with reliable information to gain their trust. The moment they believe in you, it won’t be difficult to convert them in to paying customers.

seo-marketing-tipsRemember that long content increases your online visibility. Leverage Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook by giving your followers something to promote. While short 50 to 100-word blog posts are useful for maintaining your social media presence, long articles provide you an opportunity to create marketing campaigns. When writing long content, google your keywords and check the top results. Make sure that your content is more comprehensive, relevant and longer than the top 3 search results.

  1. Promote your business

A blog helps you create awareness of your product or business. Potential customers will know what you have to offer through carefully inserted information about your brand in the article body. Just make sure that you use a subtle promotion strategy by focusing on your content and your brand is simply associated with it.

Writing relevant articles is also a powerful branding activity for small businesses. It helps you define the brand identity you want your customers to remember.  So, make sure that your content clearly defines your brand identity by talking about the specific value proposition your brand offers to customers that your competitors fail to give.

While you aim to be the rank one in the Google search, note that it may take a while. So make sure you say something about your business so that the readers would have an idea of what you do. It will be easier for them to trust a brand that knows what it is talking about. Just don’t overdo it.

  1. Don’t forget social media marketing

Let’s say your content is better than the top 3 results for a keyword on Google.  But SEO could take a while and it may take weeks or even years for the right people to see your content. So, don’t wait for the ranking factors to steer your business in the direction you want to go. Instead, use social media to get it to the right clients quicker.

Syndicate your content and share it to as many social media accounts and groups as you can to increase your content’s visibility. Remember that social media networks are powerful channels for your content. It presents your brand to new customers, and makes your brand more recognizable for followers.

Sharing your content on social media also results in higher conversion rates because it humanises your brand. People like to do business with people- by interacting in social media channels, your brand can act like real people. Your company becomes accessible and relatable. Additionally, you have a big opportunity to improve trust and credibility in your brand. So, why don’t you start sharing your article on social media right now? It will build your audience and improve conversion rates.

  1. Optimise your content’s Meta information and CTA.

Write unique titles and descriptions. Don’t just rely on the default options. If you don’t have time to customise your Meta information, make sure that the headers and the first two sentences of your article can grab people’s attention. Google will use it by default in the absence of customised Meta details.

It is also important to optimise your calls to action in your article’s Meta information to increase your content’s click through rate.

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