The pros and cons of Snapchat marketing


Are you wondering how many active users are using Snapchat on a daily basis? It’s a whopping 158 million. And how many Snaps are taken each day? It’s roughly 2.5 billion. For business purposes, that’s a pretty great reach – so what are the pros and cons of Snapchat marketing?


Users are interested to look at Snapchat pictures and videos knowing that they only have an opportunity to view it once. Many users won’t miss an opportunity to watch single-view content. Your content won’t get lost in a swarm of other ads for your competitors and Snapchat users can choose the company they interact with.


The single-view nature of this platform can be counted a big advantage can but can also work against your favor. When a user opens it, he or she cannot view it again, meaning they may not be able to remember some vital information. This is especially detrimental when considering promotions of discounts or particular dates.

Most of the people interested in using Snapchat are millennials. So, if the age of your target market ranges from 40 and up, this platform may not give you the exposure you need.

The pros and cons of Snapchat marketing

How to do Snapchat marketing right

It is highly important to consider both the pros and cons of Snapchat marketing, just like with any other social media tool. But it is the strategy that makes a difference when it comes to brand awareness and brand promotion. If you are willing to invest in this marketing strategy, ensure that your company adopts techniques that interacts with your target market, identifies consumers and listens to feedback.

Social media is a tool for innovation and improvement of your products or services. Unlike a mass media strategy, social network marketing is a strategy that catches the attention of very busy people who only have a few seconds to spare to look into your post. That’s why influencers, niche-relevant post and content marketing are integral aspects of marketing nowadays.

Barriers to Snapchat marketing success: the multitasking phenomenon

Why is to so hard to grab a social media user’s attention? Well, if you’re using the Internet and browsing your Snapchat there’s a huge chance that you’re also reading a blog, watching a YouTube video or updating your Twitter status. So, when posting on Snapchat make sure that your post provokes your reader into action. That’s the importance of Call-to-Action.

If you’re trying to sell your product or service, insert the persuasive words wisely. Let them initiate purchase by making it easier for them to browse your web page.

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