The pros and cons of Twitter marketing

twitter marketing

There are 313 million active Twitter users every month and it’s adding up. But, before you get too excited about using Twitter for your business, bear in mind that it has its own share of limitations. If you’re considering this platform for your next social media marketing strategy, here are some pros and cons of Twitter marketing to consider:

Pros of Twitter marketing

A fundamental pro of using Twitter is that your message can reach millions of potential customers around the world. You can easily join discussions on relevant Twitter groups and get the message across hundreds to thousands of group members.

There are also various online apps that allow you to see your history and statistical usage, as well as the trending hashtags and top content. If you have a Twitter for business account you can conduct an advanced search page to connect with potential clients in a specific location. Businesses will also find it handy that you can automate your tweets and schedule it on various times.

Cons of Twitter marketing

If you don’t know how to interact with potential clients, you may spam others with your offers without knowing it – this is a notable con. You may also get distracted by focusing more on interactions with group members and followers instead of marketing your products or services. And Twitter is, of course, flooded with tweets. If you don’t know how to tweet effectively, your target market may miss your best tweet.

Tips for effective Twitter marketing

Social media marketing is not just about creating a compelling presence online, but spreading it organically and a whole lot more. With almost a third of the world population using social media networks, brands are  now spending thousands to millions of dollars just to grab their target market’s attention for a few seconds.

So how do you create media and get people interested? Is it simply about writing posts, designing images and blabbing non-stop about your products or services? The answer is, “No”.

Marketing is evolving with time, and so is the content. You heard in the old days, “content is king” and everyone deserves to read a good story. But, now people are busy so they want to satisfy their voracious appetite for information, in a jiffy. So, the sooner they understand your content, the better it is for your business. That’s why pictures, infographics and other pieces of content are spreading like “virus”—probably one of the many reasons why they call it viral.

The Pros and Cons Twitter Marketing

Entrepreneurs are keeping their eyes on various social media channels and finding out where the public attention is going. But, social media marketing is not a stress-free niche. You can’t just dive in and start competing. There are social media marketing strategies you need to implement. But, the moment you find the right strategy for your business, you can get around and have fun with it.

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