Strategic marketing for adult content

marketing for adult content

Strategic marketing for adult content answers three questions:

  1. What are the advantages of my brand over my competitors?
  2. Are these advantage competitive and sustainable?
  3. How can I allocate resources to exploit these advantages?

The answers to the previous questions provide clear and concise summaries of the applicable techniques that would carry out certain organisational objectives. That brings us to the practical definition of strategic marketing in relation to adult content. It is the action of business to shorten the sales cycle through calculated steps based on the needs of the consumers and the resources available.

The end goal of adult marketing strategy

If you’re in the adult industry there are two major goals that can serve as a guide when conceptualising marketing for adult content strategy: increase in sales and achieve a workable competitive advantage. To do these, it is important to review the 4P’s of your organisation

Product pricing

While pricing is not the most attractive element in marketing, it is still something to be considered. Make sure that you offer versatile prices for your products. Versatility has nothing to do with quality. Just make sure that you are willing to reduce your price when it is absolutely necessary. But, it is the last factor to be considered.

While penetration pricing or setting a low price for the product or service helps you gain a market base, it is not always the best choice. When it comes to adult products like escort service, adult toys and sexy items, psychological pricing may work best. The major challenge for the marketer is how you can create content and marketing strategies where consumers can respond emotionally to your product. Remember that most customers respond on a rational basis—that’s why entrepreneurs offer product line pricing (example, buy 3 take 1) and economy pricing (minimum production cost = minimum price).

Price skimming can also work for some adult products. If you think your organisation has a substantial competitive advantage, you can charge a higher price. But, be careful because your competitors may pick up on it and you may end up reducing your price to compete fairly.

Product marketing

This marketing process answers the following questions:

  1. How can I bring a product to the market?
  2. What are the factors that I need to consider when deciding on product positioning, product messaging and product launching and, in such a way that my sales team and my target market understand?
  3. How can I drive the demand and usage of this adult product?

Strategic marketing for adult content product is anchored on your organisation’s objectives. If you want to triple your ROI, increase sales, widen your market base and build your brand, it is important to identify your target market first. Know what they need and look for ways to meet that need through your products or services. Take time to study how these people will benefit from your brand and what you can do for them that other brands cannot.

Market your brand based on the type of consumer you intend to attract. You can start by looking at their demographics (age, social status, income, etc.) and study their needs and wants, based on their passions, the social media they engage with, and the type of message that they can relate to.

Product placement

You don’t have to market to consumers who for some reasons will not be able to access your products. Product distribution is integral to a successful marketing strategy. An organisation needs to ensure that the product is well-distributed to its target population. It must be made conveniently available for any interested consumer. Meaning, you can buy it at the right place and at the right time. Nothing is more frustrating than placing an order online, and not receiving the product after several weeks. Worst, if you wouldn’t receive the product at all because it is out of stock, or for some reasons cannot be delivered to you. What does product distribution mean for marketers? If a certain group of consumers will not be able to access the product or service, don’t bother promoting the product to them.


The last “P” in the mix refers to the promotion of a product or brand, in order to do two things: generate sales and create brand loyalty. There are 5 activities involved in the promotion process:

  • Advertising
  • Direct Marketing
  • Personal Selling
  • Publicity
  • Sales Promotion

One of the major challenges marketing for adult content is how to communicate the information to its target market verbally and visually, using the resources available.

While many entrepreneurs’ resort to paid advertisements, print media, TV, radio, big and small companies now use social media for more exposure, and marketing for adult content is no exception but you have to be smart and know what can and can’t be done on each platform. Instagram, for example, is very strict about marketing adult services and doing so will get your account suspended. Twitter has more of a lenient approach but you need to mark your content as “sensitive”. Facebook is probably the most strict, and may not be the best place for social media promotion for adult services or products.

Beautifully designed and executed websites with great content are attracting thousands to millions of traffic in a day. Some small online shops are generating high profit because of Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms.

You can see some of the websites and social we have created for adult businesses in our case studies here…

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