Marketing challenges in the sex toy market

marketing adult toys
Sure, sex toys are now a 15 billion dollar industry, but why are your sales numbers lower than what you expected? What makes it so difficult marketing adult toys?

The ways consumers search for and find information about brands are changing and it is not different in the sex toy market. If you don’t know how to use the right marketing strategies in today’s digital world of sales, you may not get the figures you wanted.Here are the reasons why your marketing efforts to mainstream consumers are not successful in the sex toy market.

Strong conversion marketing

In a study conducted by Econsultancy in 2016, businesses are spending more money on marketing than actually making a sale. In fact, out of $92 spent on acquiring potential customers, only $1 is spent on converting the site visitors into paying ones. That’s only 1.08% of the actual marketing budget.

Conversion does not always refer to sales. If your visitor opts not to buy adult products you can market your special offers, chat with them or ask for their email so you can send them free newsletters in the near future. Remember that conversion marketing has two purposes: to convert existing traffic into paying customers and to build a long-term relationship with customers.

The signs of poor conversion marketing are poor website flow, limited online customer service channels and having visitors complain about their online experience.

Intelligent SEO strategies

Google claims that 50% of the mobile visitors eventually visit the stores they found on the local searches within a day. That means, the higher your website ranks on the search results page, the more visitors you will receive. You can take advantage of this marketing strategy by building high-quality web pages not only to engage the customers but to eventually persuade them to do business with you.

Why is marketing so hard in the sex toy market.

Train your team in the sex toy market

A lot of times when you visit a particular e-store, you will notice a pop out chatbox. It is often used to let you know that they are online and they’re willing to communicate with you.

If you want to do this right, there are two things you need to be good at: listening (reading in between the chats) and problem-solving. Try to understand the real problems facing your customers, and solve them by giving expert advice.  This may lead to higher customer satisfaction and conversion.

Useful and informative web content

That’s why it is important for your website to have useful content you can refer them to, so you can save time in answering their questions. Websites must have an interesting and informative blog, and you also need a guidance section where it is easy to find information about products. It is also great to get feedback from customers:

  • survey your customers
  • ask for their feedback
  • market your products in a way that solves their specific problems.

Look popular in the sex toy market

If you act to keen for the sale, to the extent that you ignore the things which are important to your customers; then you are sending them a signal that nobody else wants your products. Being too pushy is the quickest way to put off potential buyers.

You can do this instead:

  • Research on what is important to customers of sex toys and adult products
  • Think about the challenges that they are probably facing
  • Understand what is important to your target customers
  • Study how you can help customers find the right products.

Social media is a love/hate relationship when marketing adult toys

Social media is a fantastic way to make people aware of products and services on a global scale but one big exception – adult products and services. Facebook ban the advertising of all adult products and services across Facebook and Instagram. Twitter allows you to tweet, but not advertise and you must mark the content as sensitive for anyone underage. So you have to be savvy and stay on the right side of the terms of service to avoid being suspended or having your account removed.

Marketing adult toys is not hard if you know how you can typically go about acquiring new customers. There must be a variation from one campaign to the next.  Always look into your most recent campaign and do not follow a similar pattern. Look around what your competitors are doing; disrupt the adult products industry by doing things differently.

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