3 fail-proof ways on how to go viral

go viral

Do you want more traffic, more subscribers, more views, more sales and almost more of everything on social media? No, you don’t have to hire trolls. With around 81 million fake Facebook accounts and other bot accounts on Twitter and other social media profiles, it is completely impractical to hire people just for the sake of getting more fake views, re-tweets or likes. Aside from being expensive-such strategy won’t add value to your marketing campaign. Here are easy and inexpensive ways to how to go viral on the internet.

Create useful and relevant content

Make sure that your content is something that people would love to talk about. Take a look at the top searches on Google, the latest trend on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media networks. If people are raving about it, why not join the bandwagon while highlighting your own campaign?

Look for the trending hashtags on Twitter, YouTube videos with millions of hits and the most talked about topics on LinkedIn, Facebook, and most shared content on Pinterest. Keep yourself updated because hashtags and topics easily change. Check the top keyword searches. Look at how many hits each keyword or key phrase makes.

It is not enough that your content is relevant, it must add value to the viewers as well. So, when sharing content, ask yourself, “Is this something that my friends, co-workers and strangers would share?” Because if you are not sure that people you know would be proud to share the content, then you are simply aiming for sensation but not the revenues.

It also pays to create clear and captivating headlines. People look into the headline of your blog posts, book chapters, to know the focus of the content. Concentrate on catchy headlines so people will want to read on.

how to go viral

Follow proper timing

Promote your content at times when more customers would be using their social media networks. Otherwise, it will just be one of millions of visual or text content that would die in minutes or seconds.

Timing does not only refer to the hours or minutes, but the period when it is most likely to get noticed. Otherwise, it’s like sharing something about summer when everyone is freezing in their winter clothes. Always look out for the trending topics and mold your campaign accordingly. Even if your brand is remotely related to the season, find a way to make it relevant.

In a nutshell, if you want to share something “viral-worthy” make sure that it would not fade in the buzz. Don’t get lost in millions of content popping out minute by minute around the web by sharing something unique but relevant to the hottest topics on social media.

Maintain a blog and social media accounts

Now that you have something to share, make sure that you show it on your social media accounts and a blog. Maintaining a blog allows you to create quality content and to share your best tips and expert opinions that your target market may find valuable. It’s true that content is viral when people share it among themselves, but how would it profit you if you don’t lead them to your website or page?

The main purpose of viral marketing is to market your brand. You share something you worked hard for with your audience so it is absolutely fine if you also gain something back-whether it is a referral, sales, or free advertisement through word-of-mouth; every marketing strategy aims for a result.

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