4 key reasons why Google ranking is important

Google rankings important

Why do you want to put your website as high up as possible on the search engine? A good position in the organic search results indicates that visitors regularly access your site because it appears in the initial search results pages. But, generating free traffic and converting potential customers into actual customers are not the only reasons why Google ranking is important. Surprisingly, there’s more.

What Google does

Google is a search engine—so, it’s perfectly normal to expect that it does everything it could to help searchers find exactly what they are looking for whether it’s a product, service, theory, music, or anything else under the sun. The search engine ensures that the structure, technicalities, and content is relevant, credible and useful.

It exudes relevance–I got what you need, view me!

Why should I visit this website NOW? Being on the top page means that Google has seen the value in your content.  Perhaps, you wrote a blog post that speaks to your readers about their current interests, life situations or problems. Aside from offering potential solutions to problems they’re probably looking for help with, the content also speaks as if it is on the same page as the reader. Customers may also be more trusting to your ability to deliver not because what you are selling is relevant to their current situation; but because genuine content is in itself a call-to-action.

Search-engine worthy content is timeless, which is another fundamental reason why Google ranking is important. True–bandwagon marketing like picking up the latest craze works. But, working too hard for content that would be a hot topic today, and will just be scrolled down tomorrow because of a fresher and hotter material is a complete waste of your content producers’ talent and your resources. On the other hand, content that survives throughout the seasons without getting irrelevant and never goes out of style will give you a better ranking on SERPs. It’s because other people can link to your posts and share them on various social media channels until you unknowingly position yourself as an authority to your viewers.

So, when writing content, ask yourself—is this content still helpful to readers no matter when they read it? Will it still sound relevant and engaging a few years from now? If the answer is ‘Yes” Google wouldn’t ignore you.

Boosts Credibility

Why should customers buy from you? It is because you are credible enough to put their trust into you. Look who’s made it on the top search results—big and credible companies. If you can show the search engine the utility of your content, that you’re real, and that you have the capability to deliver what you promised, you’ll rank high.  When you do, visitors will value your credibility more than your competitors that don’t show up on the search. And, what will credibility bring you? Of course, its profitability. The more credible you are, the more customers you have. The larger is your customer base, the fatter your bank account gets —a great motivator and heralding reason why Google ranking is important.

If you’re looking for signs of credibility—look for trust signals. Do you have social sharing features? If not, it’s time to get one. Make sure that every page of your site has Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media buttons. Letting people know that you’re not afraid to share your content with the world and to receive feedback at the same time, is one of the most efficient ways to boost your site’s credibility. Plus, your chances of ranking high improve when your content is shared often on social media sites.

Appeal—captivates viewers

Is your website design easy on the eyes and user-friendly? Nothing beats a site that provides seamless digital experience, performs flawlessly and delivers a customized experience to its visitors. But a page that takes ‘forever’ to load and really hard to navigate is like a store with a lot of clutters and a cashier who chats on the phone while you wait for your change. In short, great user experience and organized design—a rank booster; Poor experience and ‘sticky’ pages—a spoiler. Remember, Google loves a website design with user intent in mind. And, it works both ways because visitors are captivated by well-designed sites that rank high on Google.

Why Google ranking is important

Accessibility—You will never miss important customers

With the current trend in online shopping and digitalization of almost anything-from banking, lending, shopping and so on, people who will use the internet to do online transactions will continue to grow. If you don’t want to lose a large market segment to your competitors who can turn into loyal customers and consumers –don’t forget why Google ranking is important. While you focus on providing quality products or services, ensure that you will satisfy customers whose needs for relevant, credible and useful content are met by making your website accessible. If your site ranks high on Google, you can expect your visitors to turn into customers who might also refer you to their family members, co-workers, and their friends.

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