The importance of using video for marketing

video marketing

Are you using video for marketing? Are you using videos and vlogs (video blogs) to communicate with your audience?  If you aren’t then you definitely should be. It’s no secret that innovative and interactive content plays a crucial role in your digital marketing strategy.  

A whopping 51.9% of marketing professionals from around the globe named video as the type of content with the best ROI, and we don’t think they’re wrong. Blogs and social media static posts are great but they aren’t grabbing consumers’ attention in the same way that they have in the past. There has been an exciting shift in the digital marketing era: online videos have changed from being a ‘bonus’  to being a necessity in corporate marketing strategies. The popularity of video is growing rapidly with predictions that video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic by 2017. So get your cameras out because it’s time to start vlogging.

We all know online videos as a way to educate customers by means of a product demo or as an introduction to tell company’s story, and we’ve all seen the commercials and advertising videos on YouTube and Facebook. They have proved to be a very effective and powerful marketing tool, but why have they been such a huge success?

Videos lead to stronger consumer attention and higher engagement

These days, people have high information and entertainment needs and online videos are the best way to satisfy these needs. This is the reason why videos attract more users than any other online medium. Nowadays more and more people use the video platform YouTube as an online search engine – a fact that indicates how effective online videos can be as part of your digital marketing strategy. More so, the majority of online video consumers share videos with their social media circles which increases the impact of those videos enormously. In fact, social network users tend to be about ten times more likely to comment on and share a video than related posts with no video content. That number is too big not to be considered.

Videos Create a Stronger Emotional Connection

Videos are one of the most powerful tools to communicate a corporate value proposition and build relationships with customers and prospects. It’s one of the strongest marketing mediums to evoke emotions in your audience. Emotions in turn, are a powerful way to influence your audience. A customer who engages and connects with your content is more likely to be a return customer and a source of referrals for your business.

Using video for marketing

Videos lead to higher customer conversions

Latest research indicates that the conversion rates of videos outperform the ones of any other marketing content. Including a video on a company’s landing page can increase their conversion rate by 80%. And getting more customers is exactly what you want to achieve with your marketing strategy, isn’t it?

Videos offer greater optimisation opportunities

Contrary to social media or blog posts, where you can’t measure how far your audience read the text or if they re-read some parts, videos are easy to analyse for feedback and thus can be optimised on a way better and effective base.

More than half of businesses already make use of this trend by incorporating high-quality and expressive videos into their marketing activities. This results in a necessity for all companies to include online videos in their digital marketing strategy.

And the trend for content videos as an effective strategic digital marketing tool continues to rise – researchers predict that videos are the future of content marketing. It is estimated that by next year videos will be accountable for more than half of all consumer online traffic. Thus, experts expect that videos will dominate future digital marketing strategies. So, it’s time to adapt to this fast-paced trend. What are you waiting for? Go grab a camera and get going!

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